Let the Truth Be Told About the Pot Calling the Kettle Black


This is going to show you the truth about a woman who is off her rocker and what she had to say about not only myself but also what she had to say about Robert Michael Lengyel aka Shorty from Centraillia, Missouri. She is none other than Kara Pinkerton.

On the left you see Kara Pinkerton and on the right is none other than Robert Lengyel.

In a Private Message to me she stated some things about Robert Lengyel whom she was with for 8 years and helped him to get his daughter back……

…………He screwed her over to

………..He was too lazy to work(he worked when he was here but then lied as to why he got                fired).

………..She paid for the Jeep they have

………..The loan company is looking for the Jeep

…………Claims his daughter is Socially Autistic and Bi-Polar

…………He served her with a Restraining Order/Exporte Order because her and her                                  daughter beat him up.

………….She fell out of love with him years ago

……………His daughter is manipulative and is full of lies and deceit at a very young age.


……….She claims to have legal guardianship over his daughter when in fact we know that                  both parents of a child have to go to court for that. The little girl’s mother was                         never notified.


Now on my page on Facebook she made claims against me which are so far from the truth it isn’t funny. I will post the claims then I will post the facts of the truth.

……….Claims I am indigent…..fact I am on disability

……….Claims I called the police on Robert…..fact my landlord did because of a gun he had                   which NO ONE knew it was a pellet gun.

………..Claims Robert helped me get into my apartment…..fact I was already here when he                   got here. My check was short do to the fact they took a Medicare payment out of                     my check which they made the mistake on and later replaced it.

…………I gave the landlord 320 dollars which is all I had and he gave me 155 dollars to                            cover the rest. He also gave me 56 dollars for my electric and 50 dollars for                                additional water that would have been used.

…………Claims I am an OLD DRUNK…..fact is according to Robert she is a pill popper and                       sells her medication for money as he does the same thing and she has a very                             serious police record such as…..Enadngering the welfare of a minor in the 2nd                         degree, wrongful death and also they got arrested for squatting in someone’s                             house that had been abandoned which Robert told me this as well.

What I am wondering is who did she kill and why she is not locked up some where?Kara Arrest record.JPGKara Arrest record.2.JPGkara-arrest-record-3

I would think she really is calling the kettle black here folks. Robert claimed that he got evicted from his house and had nowhere to go and all that was her fault. Now he is back with her and is harassing me with emails but I refuse to answer them. I WILL NOT tolerate anyone talking trash about me when they CAN NOT back it up. I tell you what Robert Lengyel is worse than the other person I know that likes to talk crap about people or they are running a close race here.

My message to the both of them…..YES I drink beer…..IT’S LEGAL! You smoke weed and pop pills along with selling them which IS NOT LEGAL!!

I hope for that little girl’s sake she gets back with her REAL MOTHER who I can say I am very proud of for staying clean and working to get her life back together. That child needs a stable home instead of being dragged from state to state.

He will never be allowed back into my life ever again and he IS NOT welcome here per order of my landlords. NO ONE wants you here or even wants to hear from you.

Judi Giramonti


2 thoughts on “Let the Truth Be Told About the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

  1. It would seem that nether of these people should have this child.
    The legal and proper steps to take would be to contact DSS.
    No child should live in the chaotic situation.this child is living in.
    Oh and just to let you know there is no such thing as social autism.
    I am a death investigator basic pathologist. And trust me on this that right there is just an excuse for a bratty kid.
    It is called disciplined maybe the parent should try that.
    I see kids every day that due to having parents like these ones end up as a murder case on my desk every day.
    I will tell you what if you will not call DSS e mail me the info and I shure the hell will.
    Hell it’s my job.

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