One Dumb Criminal

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Back in August of 1999 I had met a man by the name of Robert Michael Lengyel. We lived together for a bit til he got stupid and violated his parole and was extradited from Connecticut back to Missouri. He ended up going back to jail until March of 2004. At this time I had been sending him money for commissary so he could have things and also traveling to go visit him. I got to the point where I said enough was enough and just left him alone.

Well back in July of this year I felt a need to look him up and speak with him. He had told me that both him and his 10-year-old daughter were getting evicted from their home and had nowhere to go so I asked them to move in with me which they did. We were going to try to pick up where we left off but things got a bit out of hand. You see his daughter is very disrespectful towards adults and he allows this. She wanted to go back to Missouri where they have no where to live except in someone’s shed. The police were notified one night because we got into a big fight and he had a gun in the house. You see he is a felon and not suppose to even have a gun. They were made to leave for the night and came back the next day.

When I woke up Friday morning they had left with no word at all that this was going to happen. I also received a nasty message from him on Facebook stating that he planted something in my house and was going to call the police on me. Now how stupid can you be to do this?

Bobby This is Robert Michael LengyelBobby PM to meBobby PM to me.2

There you go folks you can see how stupid this really is. I have no clue what he was thinking but I am glad he will never contact me again. I assume that since they have no money and he just started working in Marquette at either Hardies or Red Lobster they are also living in the car. He has no drivers license do to the fact it has been suspended.

He also stated that he has not been arrested since 2004 when he got out of jail and when I looked it up he sure has and many times………

Bobby arrest RecordBobby arrest Record.2Bobby arrest Record.3Bobby arrest 2013Bobby arrest 2015Bobby Mugshot

There you have it folks arrest record and mug shot. One of his arrests had to do with my car that he totalled and he went to jail……

Bobby arrest for my car

I am so done with this person and his big-mouthed daughter whose mother is a Meth Head and this is why he has her. He is no better than his ex because he can’t do without smoking marijuana and this is why he got evil on me cause he couldn’t find any.

Ladies if you come across this Uncle Fester looking guy STAY AWAY cause he is bad news.

Judi Giramonti


2 thoughts on “One Dumb Criminal

  1. U know I was seriously considering calling you until I seen this,was gonna try to get things straight and to see if we could work things out


    1. Why bother calling? All you do is lie. You told me you didn’t have your daughter that her mother had her and she DOES NOT have her at all. You just don’t want anyone to know you were in Michigan. Too bad I took this down once but then you lied. Why do you have to lie to people? Why do you get others to lie for you? I AM DONE!!!! GET IT?

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