Darkness Within Radio Show and Paranormal Investigations

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Darkness Within Radio Show was founded in 2013 and the name was given to me by Darlene Watts who also does the art work for me. This show is a free show and I interview Authors, Paranormal Groups, Exorcists, People that speak with Serial Killers and so forth. I do a variety of shows. Once in a while I will throw an exposing show in there or even a comedy show. I do have a website which ties in my Paranormal Group along with my Radio Show.

I recently scheduled a show for August 18th and the guest took it upon themselves to take and make another event page and use my name on her event page along with stating there are tickets for sale on this show. When I saw that I immediately cancelled the show. I don’t take kindly to people using my show name and making it look as if I am now selling tickets to make money off my show. This really pissed me off to no end today and I have dealt with it accordingly.

Amaya Victoria Copyright Infringement

That is her event page and now I will give you the link to my event page which will show that the show has been cancelled…………


I believe this is totally wrong and never in the three years has anything like this ever happened to me before.

Please note folks I DO NOT charge to go to my show nor will I ever. Now if Evan Jensen had ever gotten a hold of this he would have a field day by saying I am scamming someone or I am a fraud or what have you. She basically threw me under the bus when she did this and I am PISSED in every way, shape and form of the word.


Well that is my rant for today folks and now I do have a show tonight where you can join us FREE OF CHARGE at………………


This show goes live at 7pm EST. to read more about it please go to……..


Thank You

Judi Giramonti Owner of Darkness Within Radio

My website is…………




2 thoughts on “Darkness Within Radio Show and Paranormal Investigations

  1. No one would buy into it.due to everyone knows internet shows on line do not charge.
    Sorry it upset you but everyone knows you do not charge.
    And why cares about jensen.everyone in the Paranormal knows he and Kelly lie,slander. They all know about him being a child pedophile and convicted kidnapper.
    Hell he amited to it in a blog he did.
    So please do not worry everyone knows you never have nor ever will charge.
    Hope you day gets better.

    Liked by 1 person

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