So You Say You Want to Sue Somebody For Saying Things on Social Media?

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I am so disgusted on how people are saying that they want to sue someone over social media. Here are the facts about that……Social Media is covered by freedom of speech so unless you are someone in the Paranormal Field or any where for that matter think twice cause its just not going to happen.

Now if you are someone who is posting crap and then want to sue because people answered you forget that as well. There is NO LAWYER that will even touch the case. You can take it from me because I have contacted many myself.

The best thing to do is just leave people alone and they just might go away. Even though there are just some people who are just like a bad penny popping back up over and over again. They just will not stop and they fall under a totally different category all together.

These types of people like to talk out their ass and hurt others by spewing their lies about others. The more you tell them to go away and leave you alone it just doesn’t work. Seems like it even fuels them up more and gives them more energy. This is why I say just don’t react to these types of people.

So then you want to call the Police in that town or your town and make a complaint. These folks have better things to do than solve arguments between people on social media. They just DON’T CARE! They will tell you how ever that it is a Civil Matter but that doesn’t help because the courts don’t want to hear it.

The only time anything gets done is when there are threats of violence and only then will the authorities listen to you. There are certain people out there that will threaten you and say they will come to your house and beat you down in front of your kids while eating an ice cream cone… Then the same people/person will threaten and say they will come to your front door and shoot you on the spot. If that doesn’t work they proceed to go after your children by sending them porn in an email or on Facebook or sending them sex toys in the mail. You see this person isn’t too smart because they left a return address name and all on the box. How dumb can you be? Why not just go to the police and turn yourself in for being the World’s Dumbest Criminal? I am not mentioning any names here but you all know who I am speaking of. Yes folks he is dumber than a box of rocks for sure. He even threatened his own police department.

This may be the last I write on him which as a matter of fact I had no intentions of doing it today either but it just happened when giving examples of how some people can be. Please before you say you want to sue someone look into how Social Media is indeed protected by the First Amendment. It is no longer protected how ever when violence gets involved.

Once again thank you for your support and I wish you all a great day and a great weekend. Until next time have fun.

Judi Giramonti…..Darkness Within Admin


8 thoughts on “So You Say You Want to Sue Somebody For Saying Things on Social Media?

  1. What you say is true how there is a point in which it becomes harassment defaming/ slander. It is hard to pursue but things become a lot easier if you are able to record the proof Weatherby video audio or writing.

    It is a civil matter but youtube and other social media sites are starting to come down hard on people who dedicate videos trashing other people with the exception of political or religious videos. Podcast networks are looking to do the same.

    I honestly believe that somebody is going to end up getting a good old ass kicking or unfortunately killed.. Not anybody specific but it’s just a matter of time before somebody just has enough and takes action.

    What the internet and social media there is absolutely no safe zone for anybody. And I’m fortunately anybody for any reason or no reason at all can be a Target.

    People have their own problems going on in their own lives. Whether it’s jobs family or whatever the case may be. Having people tear them apart and making things up about them affects their lives in all aspects. Spelling of normal everyday life is stressful enough but then add all the other garbage on top of that and life can be pretty damn miserable.

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  2. I agree with you Joe but I have found in the past some social media wants a court order before they do anything at all. As far as shows go I DO NOT do any more of them and have changed my show around. I don’t need to go onto live radio and tell people what I think of them. These people already know and just need to accept it. I think for the most part a lot of people got slandered by certain people and we need not mention names cause they know who they are. Thanks for your comment and your support.

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  3. Well…. I have to say, Carol has NEVER stalked me in the manner of what Evan did, nor threaten to kill me or threaten at all to me personally, even when I had several blogs against her. Evan pulls some downright crazy moves against someone in an effort to defame and ruin them and stoops damn low in how and what he will say and do. I have to wonder if he did not start shit between other people, as I know for a fact he made up stuff and got between other people while pretending to be someone else. He lies constantly. The best way to know how he lies is to be one of the people he lied against and then see it all blow up on you. He’s a bastard… and he brags about how well he does this. He also whines and cries every time someone says one word against him or even thinks they do. He has a philosophy of getting people before they have a chance to get him, knowing his friendships are never going to last and therefore sacrificing them before people find out who he really is.

    At this time, I have to wonder just what meddling he did to Carol and others that think he’s a friend even now, and have no clue to how much he lied or got involve to present lies to them. I’m not saying Carol is perfect… I know I’m not. But… when it comes down to it, how many personal phone calls did he make or messaging to people we know nothing about that meddled with a lot of what she was doing? He does fabricate evidence to back up his twisted claims and could care less about the paranormal or the people he goes after or those who pretends to protect. I know what he did to me and I see what others are saying that is consistent to what Evan does.

    Like I said, Carol has NEVER done anything to me except what people can see publicly in comments about what I said against her, which is really expected. How wrong was I in what I said? I know this… not everything I wrote with Evan involved is something I stand behind today. NOW I KNOW HOW MUCH HE LIED TO ME AND ABOUT ME AND WHAT HE DID TO ME. It makes a huge difference in what my perception is now.

    So ask yourself, if I was after Carol so bad WITH EVAN, why did she never do what Evan claims she did to him, to me? (I know I was never hacked.) How many times did Evan do things thinking people would think it’s someone else? How many times did he lie and say things that were not true or present evidence that wasn’t so to people and sick them on others? How many times did he pretend to be someone else and start stuff with people? The fact of the matter is… I only now believe what I know personally myself and where I got information from and can not and will now never believe anything that Evan presented to me or puts out there. Because, he doesn’t care about truth and lies and cheats to get attention. Even with me not saying much over a year, he still couldn’t control himself to continually put stuff out there on me that were fabrications in his own mind.

    At this time, while I have not talked personally to Carol, I really do not see her doing anything that warrants “exposing” or making articles about. I erased all my blogs about her, as I realized that the information I thought was accurate may not have been and therefore, has a great potential to be wrong because of it’s source. I always wondered why people seem to talk to Evan. Maybe they never were. People were supposedly always trusting him, but, not able to say whom they were. Or perhaps in reality, never existed. Keep in mind, that Evan meddled in her affairs for a while and there is no telling just what he did, from phone calls to fake messages and how he meddled. All I can say is… I have since seen actions from him and how he works to make me doubt anything and everything he ever said about anyone or anything coming through him or from him. Simply put, he’s a liar and chaos creator and almost always leaves former friends in a wildfire of destruction and chaos.

    As for the “suing”… the ol’ “I talked to my lawyers…” as in more then one, is a tell tale clue to bullshitting and trying to use the threat of legal ramifications. However, you can not sue for telling a truth or giving an opinion. NOR… can you sue for bullshit put out there by a chaos creator meant to manipulate someone to act against another. 😉

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    1. Also folks please keep in mind that he had a lot to do with why I left here the last time. I have been back here a month and Darlene and I have not had any problems what so ever. The last place I lived he called my landlord pretending to be Scott Hamilton and told her I was a Drunken, Druggie, Whore. Ye I do drink but I don’t do drugs at all nor do I go anywhere to be a whore. I have my own family now and everything is going great and I haven’t been this happy in a very long time. Its been 15 years to be exact. I love the family I have now and wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

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