Someone Has the Poor Me Blues

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In past blogs I have written about a couple of people by the name of Evan Jensen and Kelly Griffin of the Paranormal Herald. Well folks today as I opened my email there was yet another article put up about Bullying and how it needs to stop here and now. I found this rather funny because the person doing the bullying, harassing, name calling and so forth is no one other than Evan Lee Jensen from Oregon himself. He has the Poor Me Blues and wants everyone to stop picking on him. Now this is funny cause NO ONE is even bothering with his stupid ass for sure.

Evan Switzerland You see he says the Bullying stops here and now. He claims he has not even gotten one traffic ticket and has been crime free……lol. He is thee one who not too long ago admitted to getting a ticket while driving. Now ask yourself what in the hell is a man doing driving when he claims to be 89% blind? He is a joke for sure. As you can see below everything he admits to from guns to gambling. How can you trust someone like this?

As you can also see he claims to be something he is not and he has threatened people with guns. Really I would like to know how he is being bullied by anyone when in fact he is the one that is doing it.

I do believe he is one of the worst Psychopathic Narcissists around. He is the one who causes crap and then cries that everyone is picking on him. He is nothing but a big baby and really needs to stop his crying when people like myself and others answer him back just to defend ourselves. He is also they type that goes after the disabled and ill people. He also attacks children and deceased relatives of people. Who in the hell does that? Below see his latest article that he has written about his crying the poor me blues.Paranormal Herald August 1st 2016Paranormal Herald August 1st 2016.2Paranormal Herald August 1st 2016.3Narcissist or Psychopath

Narcissist or Psychopath? What You Need To Know

You can read the article I found on this type of person and you will see it fits him quite well.

Judi Giramonti


5 thoughts on “Someone Has the Poor Me Blues

  1. got in touch with the owner. he know nothing about it.
    oh it would appear that Kelly and Evan coned the paranormal again…….
    we got in touch with the owner and yep like we told you he did not know Kelly . he had no idea about the go found me she did. and no money went to him…….or the jail ( please see his response) it is one of shock….

    Roger Chambers 8:42 AM (4 hours ago)
    What is this in reference to?
    he know nothing about the go found me and the money did not go to him…….

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  2. The screenshots Judi uses with me talking to Evan are private messages to me. Notice the last one she uses seems to be talking to people in a public way, but in actually a private message to me personally. Take that as you may, as it would appear he seems to think I am involved or that the hackers are actually seeing what he says. Either way, it appears delusional, which in my opinion at the time was consistent with someone who had Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from being a Navy Seal and having a head injury due to a bomb going off while doing his duty and it later resulting in a brain tumor.

    Oh wait, he was never a Navy Seal and never suffered an injury during his duty as a Private on a aircraft carrier in the Navy and he lied to me for over a year!!! In fact, he was discharged early from the NAVY (not Navy Seal) and spent time in the brig because of threatening a commanding officer, to which he bragged about. Is Evan dangerous? A guy who threatened to come to my house to my front door and shoot me dead that has illegal guns when he’s a felon and lied about being a Navy Seal to me so many times, that I look like a fool and brags about pointing a gun at a superior officer? A guy who is pictured with the guns who threatens people left and right and then brags about it? The threatening to shoot me was when he thought I had turned on him, because someone photo shopped a conversation as if I was speaking directly to that person privately against Evan. I did talk him down from that incident. Or how about a guy who expects the police to help him AFTER he insults them, threatens them like he has some connections and does so publicly? I think in reality, one would have to be deft to NOT think there is a potential for violence and him carrying it through.

    I certainly do not believe he is legally blind, or he wouldn’t be ABLE to drive. I think he lies so much and just expects people to believe him and threatens at a drop of a dime, that it’s obvious he’s has some serious anger issues and could be a potential danger to anyone, especially those that he could drive to. The one advantage I have is that he is far away from me and… I am use to dealing with people online threatening me because, I usually help people who are being stalked online and deal with those types of people often, exposing the stalking behavior.

    Evan exposes himself on a daily basis with many. I have no doubt he is known locally and not for the person he would like everyone to believe, but, for someone who threatens when he doesn’t get his own way and someone who has some serious anger issues that it is evident. I don’t doubt that anyone working with him at this point is just ignorant to who he is and what he does, as I and Judi, Carol, Leslie, and so many others are. He doesn’t care about the truth, only the truth he wants people to believe, which is his lies and makes no bones about lying and thinking that everyone believes him. What he doesn’t understand is… they don’t. People do not say something publicly, because, they know he’ll go after them. Notice the people speaking or saying something even on his blogs. How many negative posts are against Evan on his own blogs? If you read them right away, enough. If not, Evan, the liar, deletes them and then pretends to actually have an audience. He is a liar on that. He lies about numbers and always did. When I did the show with him, he barely got any one to listen. That’s true even now, even with TV stars. Evan is only something big and special in his own head. That’s just a fact.

    The less attention you give him, the better off the paranormal field is. Don’t read his blogs and give him clicks even. Ignore him…. and he dwindles down to something altogether insignificant and he learns, that negative behavior does not get attention. As for the police… I have a feeling they have it well in hand and if there is an issue where he is breaking the law, they’ll act on it and it has little to do with us. However, less said here and other places… the better they can actually see who is guilty of what… and not cloud the issues. I know it’s hard not to react to his bull, but… on this, I do believe less is MORE. 😉

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