Haunting of Lafayette Cemetery Lafayette Oregon

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I saw an article on someone else’s blog today about this subject but the person failed to do any research on the blog They just copied and pasted everything and the article was very short to say the least. Now before I go into the haunting I would like to give you some history of the town of Lafayette first.

History of Lafayette Oregon

The town of Lafayette was founded by the pioneer/entrepreneur Joel Perkins in the year 1846. The town was incorporated in 1878 and is located in Yamhill County Oregon. This location is on the Yamhill River and Oregon Route 99w.

Notable People in Lafayette Oregon…….

Pauline Alderman……….Musicologist and Composer

Bert E Haney…..Judge on the U.S Court of Appeals For the 9th Circuit

Anson G Henry…Physician for the town of Lafayette

George W McBride…….Member of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, Speaker of the House,  Secretary of State and a U.S Senator.


The Haunting of Lafayette Cemetery aka Masonic Cemetery…..

In the late 1800’s many women lost their lives because of being accused of being a witch. They used methods of Interrogation which includes flogging, hanging, branding. and dunking. There are remains of a woman who has never been identified that lived in the town and she was put to death by hanging. This woman still holds a grudge and she lets people know it.

In the cemetery there are many angry souls but the one to look out for is her. Many have claimed to see her(the witches) apparition within the cemetery. Many are scared to even go into the cemetery.


The Witches Curse……….

Now before this woman died she put a curse on the town of Lafayette and stated it would burn 3 times. So far it has burned completely twice.

Within the cemetery many people have been chased and some even have scar til this day from being scratched.


Lafayette Cemetery…………..

This cemetery is also known as the Masonic Cemetery. The woman haunts not only where she was buried  but also where she was hanged. She walks around in the shadows and screams at visitors. She runs after them and she has also been known to physically attack them and leaving razor like scratch marks on them across their backs.

Today there are NO TRESPASSING signs for the cemetery so if you decide to visit there please get permission from the proper authorities or you just might find yourself ending up in jail.

If you decide to visit there please have fun but stay safe cause you may just end up with a visit from the witch.

Judi Giramonti




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