The Many Faces of Evan Jensen

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Here you go folks I will show you the many faces of Evan Jensen and what he actually thinks he is in his delusional mind. Let me start by saying that this is more or less a comedy blog to lighten things up because things have been a little bit chaotic lately with all that is going on. Through the years I have known him he has claimed to be many things but he has never proved to be honest.

I will start with the many things he thinks he is…………

Evan Navy Seal  As you can see below he had told people on social media he is a Navy Seal. He is not by any means a Navy Seal… least not as far as the service goes.Evan Claiming to be Navy Seal

Elephant Seal Face

Above is as close as he gets to being a Navy Seal.

Evan Mexican.jpg

Here we can see he thinks he is Mexican.Evan Policeman

He looks so stupid here cause we all know that he is far from a cop or any law enforcement for real. The only thing he is getting close to is being housed by the police cause of his stupidity.

Evan Switzerland Now in this picture he must think he is a boss from switzerland. Then below you see a picture where he thinks he is in the Mafia. Does he really know who he is?

Evan Mafia Pic

I remember when I first met Evan he spoke of a person having sex with a male Yeti when in fact we found out it was actually Evan having sex with the Yeti and here is the Happy Couple Now………….

Evan and Yeti

As you see above a woman complains that Evan Jensen was asking for money for an investigation. There is not one team that I know of that charges. He also claims to be a Demonologist and an Exorcist when in reality he is scared to death of the dark side of the Paranormal world.

Evan Shanghai Tunnels

Her is Evan in the Shanghai Tunnels which he got banned from for pleasuring himself all over the walls while he was there. What a sicko he is.

Evan Ugly Woman Now I know that you have women out there working the streets that are prostitutes but hell this got to be the ugliest whore I have ever seen. Just imagine if he went to a house that had a person that was possessed the demon would say ” Hell NO I am out of here”. Now this is real ugliness if you ask me.

Now a while back the same person that Evan was accusing of having sex with a male Yeti gave Evan a nickname……KRUSTY THE CLOWN. Sadly Evan use to dress up and do children’s parties as a clown with a felony kidnapping charge on his record……

Yes the first Krusty fits him well because he goes after people and then when they answer back he says exactly what Krusty said. I DIDN’T DO IT… wtf people we all have screenshots of everything he says and does. He just thinks he is fooling someone by his little antics he puts out there.

Then God forbid he doesn’t get his way cause he throws a tantrum just like baby Hughy and he even looks like him………….

Baby Hughy Pink

All I can say is Evan Lee Jensen you are 50 years old now so GROW the hell up!

Judi Giramonti



2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Evan Jensen

  1. Sorry didn’t mean for that to happen. It is quite funny though. I thought people needed a laugh for once. I do these every now and then and there is truth to these types of blogs.

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