The People Whom Promote Criminals

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It makes me sick to think there are two woman out there just promoting a PLAGERIZING PARANORMAL PEDOPHILE FELON. This man Even Jensen has done nothing in his life but lie to people, steal from people with disabilities and make shit up. You may ask…..Are you pissed? You bet I am. In his so-called paper the Bullshit Herald he goes in there and tells nothing but lies. I have written about him in some previous blogs here on the Darkness Within Site. Please feel free to read them.

Well as you all know that Evan Jensen has a lengthy arrest record with felonies on it but yet you have two women by the names of Kelly Griffin and Jan Reynolds out there that support this type of behavior. Who knows they may also do the same thing because like they say “Birds of a feather flock together”. Now after this they will say “You are just jealous because we are his co-hosts”. Co-hosts for what? He has no-show nor will he ever! Then again you can’t do shows from a jail cell now can you?

All the people who Evan Jensen has went after which the list is also in one of my blogs got together and basically just kicked him in the ass for sure. He has restraining orders on him that he violated, he has pictures of himself holding a big gun which is against the law right there if you are a felon in any state, he claims he is a Navy Seal and works with the Feds. Now come on….who in the hell is going to let someone with a supposed brain tumor(found out it’s a lie) and 89% blind(so he says) work for the feds let alone give him a big gun to play with? Hopefully no one in their right mind.

You see these two women are going down right along with him because of their stupidity and ego. They believe all his lies for sure. I have never seen anything like this at all. He already went after Jan Reynolds before and wasn’t nice at all. You see she pays for his shows he doesn’t have….lol. He will go after the other like he did all the rest and you can take that to the bank

You have Kelly Griffin top left, Evan Jensen and Jan Reynolds bottom. Now I will show you proof of what I stated above about Evan………………

Evan About working for the FedsEvan Claiming to be Navy Seal

He is so stupid he even threaten the police in Milwaukie Oregon where he lives……

Evan threatening policeEvan threatening police.2

Now can you just see what kind of person this really is? He is just not right in the brain at all to go around threatening folks now is he. He needs to get a life and leave folks alone period. He thinks this is a joke but I tell you WE AS A TEAM THAT STUCK TOGETHER HAVE A CASE NUMBER FOR HIS STUPID ASS!

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7 thoughts on “The People Whom Promote Criminals

  1. It would seem as Kelly and Jan have no life Kelly once told us she worked as a DA and carries a shield. Just one problem with that lie a DA does not Carrie a shield. And we called the DAs office and asked if she worked there or ever did.
    We did recorded it as they told us she never did.
    Another time she stated she was not a part of of Evans blogs but yet her name is right there for everyone to see.
    One would ask.why would she risk everything for a man she dies not know.

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  2. She also said she never told Scott he got that gun for Christmas and then said someone else got that gun for Christmas. She don’t even know what the hell is on her own page. Claimed she is not in the paranormal or has anything to do with the paranormal herald. You need to just go get it pulled off the web seeing how you own it.

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  3. Yes. And she as well turned on the only one of us that would help her “Scott” being he is the nice one of us all you and I would have feed her to the wolves.
    But the thing is she is so in love with him.that she would put her own kids in danger,, that is sad,,,
    As for evan I lmao when he said he was going to sue me. He tried it before and the judge told him it was him stalking and harassing others.
    He post about everyone and lies about everyone.
    But then when people stand up for them selfs and post the truth on him he crys.
    He can dish it out but not take it.
    It just so happened that this time he posted photos that would land him in prison

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  4. Yes you are right and for him to go after disabled people is a crime in itself. He did this to himself and now he is crying cause he can’t get out of it. You are right you and I would have fed Kelly to the wolves. You see there are 2 things I hate the most and that is a liar and a thief.She just lied and lied to all of us.

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  5. Yep and Jana a 62 year old woman that wants to play ghost hunter. Is just as bad if not worse. She is such a low life that this 62 year old woman had to still dolls from you.
    What the hell does a 62year old woman need to take someone’s things for?
    But then again trailer trash will always be trailer trash.
    She as well bullied you.
    Truth is this 62year old woman Jan” is maybe one if the most pathetic old woman I ever heard if.
    Think about it you got a 62 year old woman running around chasing Casper.she us going to brake a dam hip. Don’t that have medication they give old people when they start seeing things that are not there.
    Maybe she would be better off in a old persons home.

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  6. Yeah she is a paranormal investigator wanna be just like Kelly and Evan. None have ever been on an an investigation except Evan and he got thrown out of a group and we all know what he did in the Shanghai Tunnels to get put out of there for good. He is an ass just like his minions. They all make me laugh when they say they will sue……lmao. This is Freedom of Speech and we all have the right to voice our opinions. They are the ones that like to mess with disabled people and trash them.

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  7. By the way folks its not Jan Reynolds that has my doll collection it is her ex Cherie Melano that has them. That is the last place I lived and I took the bus to here and had no way of taking them but they were suppose to be shipped to me along with my winter clothes. These items have not been sent as of yet and I am pissed.

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