Cliff Shaft Mines Ishpeming Michigan

Cliffs mine shaft banner

The Cliff Shaft Mine was established in 1865 by a group of New Yorker’s including Samuel J Tilden.

Samuel J Tilden Cliff Mine Shaft Samuel J Tilden pictured here was born in Mew Lebanon, New York and is a descendent of Nathaniel Tilden. He was also the 25th Governor of New York.

The mine was called Barnum Mine at first in 1867. There were 2 shafts….the A shaft and the B shaft and they were both sunk. In 1879 the company opened the Cliff Shaft known as the New Barnum. In 1888 the name was changed from New Barnum to Cliffs Shaft.

The merging with other companies took place in 1891 by the way of assets of the Iron Cliff’s company. This included Jackson Mine and Cleveland Mine to form Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company.

William_G._Mather,_1902 William G Mather was President of the merged company.

Today the Cliff Shaft Mines is a museum and opened to the public for tours.The museum is located on Euclid St between Lakeshore Dr and Spruce St in Ishpeming Michigan.

In 1973 it was designated a State of Michigan Historic site and in 1992 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Story of the tragedy

Plaque of all that dies Cliff Shaft Mines

Judi Giramonti




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