What Is Demonic Possession?

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Demonic possession is the belief that individuals can be possessed by malevolent beings referred to as demons or devils. Obsessions/possessions are placed in the rank of the evil entity. Obsession is when the demon acts externally against a person where possession is where the demon acts internally within a person.


There are different levels and signs of possession that occur. Here is an introduction to the levels of demonic possession……..

This is a very complex issue where nothing is what it seems to be to the naked eye. There are a diverse range of symptoms and impact on the individual who is being possessed. There really is no easy way to explain the levels because there are a number of ways of looking at a possession. Some people have a gift where they can actually see the demon itself that is possessing the person.

There are also degrees of possession…..

Mild possession is when the person that is inflicted by the demon has abnormal behavior. The entity inside the person has mostly manifested. They (the person) has a lot of aggression towards all. You will also see the person hysterically laughing or talking gibberish.

Medium possession is manifested to the point where they can be fully manifested but the person stays calm and collected. They will act if nothing is wrong with them and everything is ok until they catch you not paying attention and they attack.

Now in severe possession only a Saint can detect this stage. It is a more aggressive stage of possession.


There are also Symptoms of demonic attack and possession that you should be aware of as well going into a situation you are facing. A demon is an entity not of the light. Usually this means the entity is influencing those around it in a negative way. A demon DOES NOT have to look like a big scary monster with horns and a tail. Many demons may be small, some may be large and most cannot be seen at all. Yet their effect is very real.

Many symptoms of demonic attack “look” a lot like a psychological illness and outside influence. Now there is a difference between being infested by spirits and being infested by demons.

Symptoms of Spirit Infestation…………..

unexplained noises, doors, cabinets, drawers opening and closing, lights turning on and off, items disappearing then reappearing, things move themselves, unexplained shadows, animals behave strangely, feelings of being watched, feelings of being touched and cold or hot spots.

Symptoms which might indicate demonic attack or possession…………..

You start thinking thoughts that are not you, sudden depression anywhere from mild to severe, feeling suicidal, having severe arguments with family and friends, and feelings of hopelessness.


Now there are 10 terrifying true cases of possession but I am only going to give you a few and post the link so you can read the rest for yourself……..

This is Clara Germana Cele in 1906 she made a pact with the devil and was repulsed by religious articles. She also could speak and understand several languages that she had no knowledge of what so ever.


Anneliese Michel was 16 years old and had a history of epilepsy and mental illness. In 1973 she became suicidal. She also spurned all religious articles, drank her own urine and began to hear voices. Anneliese had 70 exorcisms in a 10 month span. She refused to eat and often talked about dying a Martyr. She died of starvation and malnutrition. Her parents and the priest were charged by the police for this.

Robby Mannheim

This is “Roland Doe” as the priest gave him this alias. His real name is Robbie Mannheim. Now his story was actually made into a movie in the 70’s called the Exorcist. Robbie was 14 years old and his story is the most notorious of all possession cases. This all happened in the 1940’s when his aunt encouraged him to play with a Ouija board. After she had passed he continued to use it to contact his aunt but it wasn’t his aunt he had gotten.

The last case I am going to write about is the case of “Julia”. Now there are no pictures of her nor is that her real name. In 2008 Psychiatrist Dr. Richard E. Gallagher from New York Medical College documented that “Julia” was indeed possessed. She went into a trance and threats came out of her mouth. Her voice was not her own and the doctor witnessed things flying around the room and she was levitating off the bed.


Psychiatrist Admits Mental Illness Is Caused By Demonic Possession

Now you may ask….What questions do you ask a person on a possession case…..

When was the possible possession noticed?

Were there any unusual events or suspicious occurences that took place on or around the onset of this possible possession?

Is there a history of possible possession associated with the individual or location?

Now I am not going to give you all the questions we ask but you can get the gist of what we do. We always ask about mental health issues and ask for the types of medication they are on. This should be done in all investigations be it demonic possession or just your normal spirit investigation.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and have a good day. Thank you all for your support.

Judi Giramonti




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