The People Who Get Caught and What They Do

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I find it rather amazing when people get caught in their own crap that they feel the need to run and hide or perhaps go underground. These people make me laugh when they say I am going to leave Social Media and take everything down. Now this is a blatant lie folks. I find that the Paranormal Herald is still up here on WordPress along with the Paranormal Herald page on Facebook. Now you all know who I am talking about that claimed everything was going to be taken down.

Now who does he really think he is fooling? Not us that is for sure and I can almost bet on it that he threatened a member of his little so-called posse to take their Facebook page down. Yes Jan Reynolds took her page down along with him taking down his facebook page. He has a habit of threatening people to do things like this by saying ” If you don’t listen to me I am going to expose you”. WTF you really have nothing Evan Jensen but the same old shit that been out there for years.

Weather he wants to realize it or not he has been exposed himself by the same people that he tried exposing himself. He is now known as the DUMBEST CRIMINAL around. When you brag about owning guns and using them to shoot people with on Social Media you just might get paid a visit by local authorities.

Evan Threatening to Shoot people

How stupid can one be to go on Social Media and post things like this? Do you expect not to get caught? Think again that with everything going on in the world involving guns and terrorists the authorities happen to watch Social Media pages.

Now how this all started was Evan Jensen knew that back in September of 2015 Scott Hamilton and myself had an Exorcism to do. Well the next day I got a call from Jensen demanding we turn over all of our evidence to him. We had not even gone through the evidence ourselves st this point in time. When I told him no he got extremely angered and went to writing a blog on us trying to discredit us anyway he could. He is such a jealous piece of poop it isn’t funny. You see folks he thinks he is the Godfather of the Paranormal World and also he thinks he is not only a Demonologist but also an Exorcist when in fact he is nothing at all but a wanna be somebody in this field.

This poster tells you what he really is and that is a fact.

Evan Jensen Fake

That is all that I need to say on this subject. Have a good day all and feel free to comment.

Judi Giramonti



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