Actions=Consequences=Taking Responsibility

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Back three years ago I met a man who took me under his wing and helped me out with a situation I was in. I then became his co-host without realizing what I was getting myself into. We had good shows and had fun for the most part.

The man then got a bug up his ass……

Def bug up ass.JPG

He got mean and cruel and called me names. A lot of you might know this man I am talking about…..yes folks its Evan Jensen.

Well there are just some things one can not post on Social Media such as you have a gun and you will shoot whoever comes through your door. He thinks he is above the law but he found out today he IS NOT above the law.


Yes folks Evan had the cops at his door for bragging he had guns. This was not the right thing to do. He has promised the police and others to take down all his sites but up til now they are still there. I wonder if he really means that or not. You see none of this would have happened if only he listened and took down all the shit about us when we asked him to. We would have just went away and left him alone but he decided to just keep on and not leave us alone.

So you see folks your actions and what you post do have consequences but you need to take responsibility for your actions and what you post.

Evan Threatening to Shoot people

Evan About working for the Feds

Yes you can even see where he said he worked for the Feds. Now this is funny as hell. Don’t you think?

Evan BS

Much Butthurt

Just think before you spew lies and bullshit off your finger tips cause Karma is a bitch and will bite you in the ass Mr Jensen.

Judi Giramonti




One thought on “Actions=Consequences=Taking Responsibility

  1. I have no doubt there is much more to the police going to his home then Mr. Jensen would like people to believe. They don’t normally listen to “stalkers” and harass people making them afraid enough to feel they have to go offline indefinitely, UNLESS, there is a situation going on that appears that he is responsible. So as much as he wants to play the victim, I and many reading this will have a hard time seeing him as one. The reality is, Evan Jensen harasses and stalks people online. He doesn’t just write a informative blog on people, he goes on and on re-posting old blogs in an effort to antagonize and upset his targets and when they respond to defend themselves, he writes more twisting every word they say. He also does much more than blogging. I know, he did this to me, who once thought he too was going after the bad guys. I had no idea just HOW he antagonizes until one day, he decided that I was his enemy out of the blue during a radio show I set up for him. Here I was with Judi and a few others bragging him up and he slammed me on the show and then attacked online viciously on EVERY SINGLE PAGE I had on FB, including groups. He stole my group that had my name on it. NOT KIDDING and then slammed me in it. He lied quite a lot. Nothing is a bigger lie detector then hearing someone spew lies about yourself, as YOU know what is truth and what isn’t. It became clear to me, that there was so much more behind the scenes to what Evan was doing then I even knew.

    It doesn’t matter if you say something out there or not, Evan keeps it going. I know, I’ve actually not been saying a word about him until recently seeing Judi in trouble just this past June. I bet many thought I was stalking him and doing stuff to him. But, I was barely online at all for almost a year.

    Evan doesn’t care about truth. He cares about attention, hits and people seeing him as something special. He’ll do what ever he can to get that attention. It’s why he regurgitates what he says over and over like some broken record people get tired of hearing. It gets old and tiring for those he attacks and stalks.

    There is a line that he has crossed long ago when it comes to exposing fraud and that is being a fraud himself. You have to be above board and be the person who is a good person to actually point out others that are doing something wrong. You certainly shouldn’t sound like a broken record at doing it either. Unless you are completely ineffective.

    As for the guns, if he indeed had a felony against him, owning guns would be illegal and with his behavior of threatening that I know first hand, in which he once threatened me to kill me and show up at my door with a gun, (which I took to be a sick brain from a brain tumor) I advised that they call police and tell them about the guns he bragged about having and let the police make the call. After all, they ARE privy to his criminal record there in full and without the inaccuracies of online criminal checks. This was not payback in my opinion, but, a cautious action made because of someone’s threatening actions. He’s not alone in owning guns and threatening with them, especially guns that may be illegal to own. Now, did he have guns. I am not privy to that information and have not personally talked to police. Quite obviously he’s upset that they came to his house. As for any other words said or why the police went there, I would have no idea. But, sooner or later in stalking online and threatening, people do alert someone and seeing the measure of how many he’s went after, it’s really only a matter of time before the police show up at his door. Victim he is not.

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