Evan lee Jensen and Jan Reynolds team up.


evan and his dadjan-reynolds

One may ask why a gay woman, would team up with a well know gay brasher, convicted kidnapper, and known child pedophile.

1st  on must get to know just who Jan truly is. A cold hearted want to be in the paranormal. who has never been on any investigation. and over night has become a empath.

now bear with me and you will see just how sick this woman truly is. the story started on when a woman by the name of Jean Buckland who was Jan wife of only a few months lie on the floor taking her last gasp of air.  at a trailer Jan and her X owned. at 136 Holly street Quarry hills estates.

As Jan sits doing drugs she notes that Jean was gaping for air. dyeing right in-front of her eyes. so Jan simply covered her up with a blanket. and left her to…

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