WARNING! WARNING This Woman is a Crazy Thief

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Before moving back to Ishpeming I was staying with a woman by the name of Cherie Melano. She is just plain crazy. She was always flipping out and lying.CherJuly 2nd Evan About Me Paranornal Herald.2

What you see here is the empty cans that were being saved for Jan Reynolds her ex partner and the cans in the fridge were just put in there. These pictures were sent to Jan Reynolds, an ex in California, and an ex in New Jersey. She violated my privacy.

Now let’s get down to the fact when I left I couldn’t take all my stuff with me and that included my doll collection which some are spirited and my clothes/shoes. She told me she would ship my things but til this day I have received nothing. A statement has been made against her and invoices for the dolls along with pictures have been sent to authorities.


As you can see they are special to me and they need to come home with me. Now let’s get to the money she embezzled out of me. You see when I first spoke to her on the phone she said rent was 250 per month then when I got there it was 250 plus half utilities. I paid 400 dollars April, May and June. Well in June she stated we both owed another 40 dollars each on the cable bill. I had her take me to the bank. When I was getting ready to leave she handed me a paper that stated I owed her another 115 dollars for May and June utilities. Now this is just not right. Where did my money go to that I gave her? I gave her 100 dollars so I could get a ride to the bus station to leave. She is a user and abuser.

If you let her tell it about her PTSD is that one of her exes beat her so bad she ended up in the hospital and when she got out her dog had been killed. Now since she told me this it was bought to my attention that she was not in the hospital but in a domestic violence shelter. Now it wouldn’t surprise me if she taunted her ex because when I had a few beers in me she would try to get me to go off the wall.

I had the police there twice in one night because she wanted the key to the house and I was still living there. They told her she would have to evict me. The second time was because she was trying to change the locks and they came out again. Once again she was told she couldn’t do that and her reply was she was just changing the screws…..lol…..the screws were 2 different colors and the new ones wouldn’t fit. The cops told me to leave as soon as I can before I become a victim to a drug overdose. I am guessing what that means is that she was going to kill me. I told him as soon as I got my money in I would be gone.

Now here is another thing….she spoke to someone on the phone and told them I use to get drunk, go out bring men home every night for money to buy drugs. Now this is really funny because I drank my beer in my room, never went out anywhere, and don’t do drugs.

Now on the other hand for her to say she is scared of all the men that were going in and out of the house is really off the wall. So I ask you who in the hell was on drugs? She is delusional and she was hallucinating. That doesn’t surprise me cause she has a friend crazy Larry in the trailer park that sells weed and his prescription pills.

She called me a whore when in fact she had Jan Reynolds in the park, leading  someone on in California and also had someone in New Jersey that just recently went up there to visit her. Now who is the whore here? I would say it would be her.

A message to Cherie Melano…..you are nothing but a kniving liar and thief. Just remember what goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch. You tried to have me homeless but that didn’t work for you did it. Was it worth talking to a friend of my landlord’s trying to have me without a place to stay? I lived here before asshat and they know better than the lies you are spewing out of your mouth. Both you and Jan need to really smudge yourselves cause you both are very dark people. I do hope they find the truth out about what really happened to Jeanie soon. Cleaning the house with bleach before the cops got there just makes you both look guilty as all hell.



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