May You Rest In Peace Lois Over the Rainbow Bridge

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On July 6th at Crowleys Sales Barn and Stable a fire broke out and Lois a 38 year old mare lost her life. This is a very sad time for all at the stable and I want to wish them the best and offer our condolences to them for Lois.


Lois wasn’t just a horse like some people would say but she was part of the Crowley family. She is owned by Alice Crowley the owner of Crowley’s. Alice loved her very much and Lois loved Alice as well.

What can I say about Lois….she was kind and gentle, a free spirit that had free range of the yard at the stable, she loved all that crossed her path and she love her best friend Jamie(Alice’s other horse) very much.

I remember when I use to walk in the barn with cookies she always nickered and at me as if to say do you have one for me. I was always happy to give her treats and she did love them. I use to open her stall door and she would just wander in and out at her own leisure.

Now you see Lois was like no other. No matter who was on her back be it a child or someone playing with the cows she always took care of her rider. She may have been 38 but she never acted it. She was always happy to do what ever was asked of her and never complained or balked not once. She was a good girl and very much-loved.

I ask everyone who knew her and who knows both Dennis and Alice to please pray for them at this time. They are devastated with all they loss.

Lois R.I.P pretty mare. I am sure you are up there over the Rainbow Bridge running in the fields with DD. Until we meet again both of you keep each other company until we all meet again.

Judi Giramonti


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