DarknessWithin the Paranormal Herald World News Today 2

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There comes a time when the truth needs to be told about a person that claims to be the Paranormal Mafia when they are nothing but a fake and a fraud as they call everyone else that. This man is the one and only Evan Jensen that goes out there and stalks people and harasses them to no end. He is constantly lying about people and has no facts as to the real truth. Then again if he even sees the truth he turns it around to fit his needs. Here I will tell you about the people he went after and hurt. Now I am going to turn the tables around on him.

Here is a list of his once co-hosts and he went after them for one reason or another…..

Brett Watson….may he R.I.P

Georgia Love

Carol Malone

Judi Giramonti

Rosalind Henninger

Darlene Watts

Billy Walker II

Jan Reynolds…..went back to being his co-host again and paying for his platform

Here is a list of people that were not his co-host he attacked…….

Christopher Michael(Topher) Young

Ryan Buell

Scott Hamilton

Chip Coffey

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Leitreanna Brown and her son

Steve Huff

Danny Big Beard

Cindy Ellie aka Cindy Harper

John Zaffis

Brian Watts

The list goes on and on but that gives you an idea of what he does and who he goes after saying they are fakes and fraud when in fact he is the one that is a fake and fraud.

Award for best Liar

I give this to you Evan Lee Jensen you have earned it in the past three years that I have dealt with you. Now I really suppose your mad and a little butt hurt. I care not. its time to take a stand against you and fight back. We will not let you hurt anymore people ever.

Stand Up Speak Out This is what we will do and we don’t care if you

are………Much Butthurt

Because this is what we will do until you stop………

Piss You Off I Will

We have all asked you many times to take your shit down and you refuse and call people names. Then you get together with your little posse and this is what you all look like….

Evan and company

Asshat Evan

Please just sit down and shut the hell up because you make no sense with what you are doing. You just need to stop spewing that crap out of your mouth and take a look at yourself. You act like its everyone else’s fault that you are the way you are. It’s not so wake up and smell the coffee fool…..IT’S YOU and your DEMONS you have in your head.



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