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New Banner my pic

It was bought to my attention today that Evan Jensen is going to give it another shot at having a so-called radio show. Now you see the show name is Beyond Reality Paranormal Radio Talk Show. This is a show that both he and I came up with when Beyond the Edge of Reality was taken down two years ago. I DO NOT condone him using this show name nor did anyone ask me if it would be ok to use the name. One of the shows is the So You Hate Me show. This is a show name I came up with when Carol Malone told him that his show the Darkside was copyright infringement.

July 10th 2016 Evan New ShowJuly 10th 2016 Evan New Show.guest line up

He is once again using not only someone else’s show names but also he will use Darlene Watt’s art work as usual. He can’t do anything for himself so he uses other people’s things. As a matter of fact most the art work he uses was done by Darlene Watts.

Why Do You Hate me

This is the banner she created for this show that he will be using. He is a thief and needs to be stopped in his tracks along with his co-hosts Jan Reynolds and Kelly Griffin.

EvanJan ReynoldsKelly Griffin

Here is where they will be doing their shows from so they think. You see we will  do anything to stop Evan Jensen from being on any show for sure. He is rude to his guests and cuts them off all the time. He is very unprofessional at doing radio. Then again it just might be kind of hard to do radio from jail. He has a lengthy arrest record and has more charges coming down on him. It’s just too bad his co-hosts just won’t listen to anyone. Even one of his guests has a restraining order against them.

July 10th 2016 Evan New Show.location

Judi Giramonti


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