People That really Screw Up The Truth

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This morning I woke up once again to some Psychopathic Narcissist writing a blog about Carol Malone, Scott Hamilton and myself. All lies I tell you. Carol Malone never had a court date and I spoke to the sherif myself in Tombstone. Yes Scott and I did do an Exorcism together back in September of 2015. The clients were not an elderly couple, we did not tie the wife up her husband did that and no we did not tie Scott’s wife up either as his blog reads. I will post the screenshots I took from his dumbass blog where he did nothing but lie.July 3rd Paranormal HeraldJuly 3rd Paranormal Herald.2July 3rd Paranormal Herald.3.JPGJuly 3rd Paranormal Herald.4July 3rd Paranormal Herald.5July 3rd Paranormal Herald.6July 3rd Paranormal Herald.7July 3rd Paranormal Herald.8July 3rd Paranormal Herald.9July 3rd Paranormal Herald.10July 3rd Paranormal Herald.11July 3rd Paranormal Herald.12July 3rd Paranormal Herald.13.JPGJuly 3rd Paranormal Herald.14July 3rd Paranormal Herald.15

You see Evan Jensen has nothing on us really unlike us that have tons on him. Scott Hamilton has been Sanctified by the Assembly of God Church for over 20 years for doing exorcism. Evan Jensen thinks he is a big time demonologist and exorcist himself. He is also a self-proclaimed minister.

Evan With Bible

Now Evan also took it upon himself to contact our clients and talk a bunch of shit to them. He claims we have news paper articles out there that I would love to see the proof. No one contacted us from the news paper or police department from there. You see Evan Jensen has charges on him and he is just trying to get us any way he can. Here are the screenshots to our clients…..

NO ONE was drinking during this Exorcism what so ever. This is him being jealous because he is no longer welcome in the Paranormal World and everyone hates him. I can tell you many people just keep him as a friend just so they can watch him and report back to us.

Now as for the Exorcism itself…..we had gotten contacted by a young couple about activity going on. When we went there it was just for a walk through and then the thing reared its head at me and we knew we had to help this couple.

Beth and Peter Hemme

These folks are the clients and they were more than scared. They were at the end of their ropes when they had contacted us. The young lady you see there in the picture was the one that was inflicted by the demon Azazel which I will give you pictures and screenshots about it along with links to read up on these creatures. First I would like to share some pictures I took during the ordeal and you will see NO ONE at this point in time is tied up or even close to being tied up. The reason you would tie such person afflicted by a demon is because they have inhuman strength and they do attack and come at you. This one attacked Scott Hamilton three times. It even slammed the door on us at one point and locked it from the inside. That is when her husband tied the thing down. She has no recollection of what even happened.

As you can see she IS NOT tied down. By the end of the ordeal it took three men to hold her down. Now the demons name is Azazel and it is not nice at all and this was the second time Scott Hamilton had dealt with it and it surely was after Scott. Now here is some info on this thing.

AzazelAzazel Info



Now as you can see this was a legit Exorcism and the couple was not elderly what so ever. Therefore Evan Jensen is a  lying sack of shit only writes about what the little voices in his head tells him to do. Also you will notice Scott’s wife IS NOT tied either. She wasn’t even there.


Judi Giramonti


One thought on “People That really Screw Up The Truth

  1. First of all, the whole spiel on Carol is OLD news from a while ago. So why bring it up? Because poor little Evan doesn’t have anything recent on Carol, because, she’s not done anything to write about, except for going after some pathetic moron who stalks people in the paranormal (meaning Evan). Once someone’s exposed, there isn’t any point in bringing it up, (especially over and over) unless someone isn’t really trying to expose them, but instead, harass and annoy them. There comes a point when it’s clear to people just what it is Evan is about and I’m certain everyone can see it at this point.

    As for the exorcism. Seems the pictures do not show being tied down. And… drinking is not illegal and really has nothing to do with anything, because, it’s all they can show. They are not showing some mess or some bad behavior. On the contrary, they show what THEY did by showing how they took pictures of Judi’s belongings and shared the pictures online. Which means, her LANDLORD violated Judi’s privacy, which is against the law. Not surprising, her landlord also screamed in the background when Judi was on the phone with me, trying to belittle and insult her to me, except she didn’t have the sense to realize she made herself look blooming mad. AND, she further displayed her mental state in her continued actions online against Judi, which are clearly harassing in nature and she yet continues, which ARE illegal in Michigan. Michigan has strict laws against stalking and harassment online. She’s gone… so what exactly do you think she’s doing and what her motive is? I think the motive here is very clear.

    And… the whole mention of Scott is really because he’s involved with stopping Evan. Evan constantly makes things up and can’t keep anything straight. Hardly anything he says has any facts at all, because, he can’t even concentrate on what people write or say and keep it together to even attack someone on the facts. Like being an “old” couple. Or that how he suggest Scott’s wife is tied down for an exorcism. I don’t think he even knows who was involved and who was there, because, he NEVER pays attention to ANYTHING. Lord forbid he ever really reads what people say and does some research to check his facts. THAT will never happen.

    Evan’s blogs ramble and whine like a kid who got caught and blames everyone else. Poor Evan, he’s just such a sad little victim isn’t he. Let’s all take a few minutes and cry for him. NOT! He’s just that pathetic.

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