The Truth Will Be Heard By All

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I am writing this blog do to the fact that once again Evan Jensen has spun his little Roulette wheel and targeted me. He is one sick person. Actually he is a Psychopathic Narcissist for sure. He goes after people for no apparent reason. I woke up this morning to a blog he wrote about me once again. guess what he hit me on… got it he used my drinking again but this time there were pictures added to it and they will be explained and you will see the person behind giving those pictures to him. They are all very mentally ill.

July 2nd Evan About Me Paranornal HeraldJuly 2nd Evan About Me Paranornal Herald.2July 2nd Evan About Me Paranornal Herald.3

Now if anyone is just like the pot calling the kettle black it would be Evan Jensen for sure. Just take a look at these pictures and you can see he is either drunk or on some kind of drugs. Yes folks I may drink my beers but you have never seen any pictures of me drunk like he has.

This is totally disgusting and really people who live in glass houses should not throw boulders because those boulders will bite you all the time.

Now we all know what a big time liar this thing is. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth at all. I do have proof of that for sure…..

Evan In Navy seal HatEvan Claims to be Navy SealEvan Claims to be Navy Seal.Proof a lie

He claimed at one time to be a Navy Seal and got called out on that one. As a matter of fact he spent time in the brig while in the Navy for pulling a gun on his Superior Officer.

Now to me he reminds me of Baby Hughy and John Wayne Gacy. They look-alike for sure and that is really scary because he has the same tendencies as the Killer Clown.

As you can see the resemblance and this is really frightening. He actually also dressed up as a clown and do children’s parties.

Evan Clown

Yeah he is a clown alright a real dumbass for sure. He also impersonated an officer and stated he worked for the Feds at one point in time.

Evan Police

Evan About working for the Feds

Now really what kind of shit is this for real? Is he kidding? He says he calls out fakes and frauds he really needs to call himself out because that is what he is for sure.

Now you see I was in a rough spot back in March and I contacted Jan Reynolds and asked her if she knew anyone that needed a room-mate so she contacted her ex partner Cherie Melano and she gave me a place to stay. Here is the thing Cherie has PTSD do to an ex of her beating the crap out of her and putting her in the hospital. Her ex was an alcoholic and did this when she was drunk. She also knew that I drank beer and she didn’t have a problem with it until she let other people poison her mind. These people are Evan Jensen and Jan Reynolds. Cherie sent pictures to Evan of the beer in the fridge which had just been put in there and also she sent him a picture of the empty cans which were being saved for Jan to be turned in. This is how his blog came about.

You see before I moved here they told my landlords now that I was a druggie, drunk and whore. I never went anywhere and my landlords I have now know me because I lived here before. They were trying to get me to live on the street.

Now meet Evans Posse……..

Jan Reynolds This is Jan Reynolds Evan’s so-called co-host. She also likes to threaten people herself. For someone that doesn’t like to bash people she does an awful lot of it. She is one that would rather smoke weed than drink.

Cher This in Cherie Melano whom claims I trigger her when I drink my beer. She also flipped out one day like a lunatic calling me a mental case and an alcoholic. She also stated I was a different kind of alcoholic cause I ate candy. First off I am hypoglycemic so when my sugar drops I eat either candy or have a sweet snack to bring my sugar back up. I am so glad I am done with all these fools.

Now we do have a list of people who Evan Jensen went after for no reason what so ever. You see he started this war and I sure enough will answer him. I believe he just gets off on hurting people like he does.

Judi Giramonti




6 thoughts on “The Truth Will Be Heard By All

  1. Evan’s blog actually indicates his meddling with people who you rented a room from and just WHAT he was doing. What landlord takes pictures of a tenants belongings and then later gives them to someone who is a known stalker and harasser? It further proves a solid point of what situation Judi was in and why she suddenly had to leave. It shows just how the past landlord conspired with Evan and how that went down as well. Nice to see stupidity in action actually demonstrating the entirety of the situation.

    The reality is, I was on the phone with Judi when her landlord was visited by police and heard the entire conversation that Judi, her landlord and the police officer. When a police officer says several times that if it were him, he would leave immediately and that Judi should get out of that situation as soon as possible over five times, it’s not a good situation. It is the single and most valid reason why I told Judi about an opening in the apartments above my shop.

    Furthermore, Judi is not depending on me whats soever, other then to have needed a ride from the bus drop off and a night on the couch until the apartment was open. She’s a tenant.

    Imagine my surprise when someone contacted me stating that Judi was drinking again, got herself kicked out of where she was and was suppose to be having sex for money with men all the time, where the landlord was scared of the men she brought home. You see, I KNOW Judi. She drinks. So what. It’s NOT illegal. Sometimes she’s drunk. So what. It’s not a crime. She doesn’t bring men home and I knew that was total bullshit. She had men wanting to come see her and would not allow them to come and even sleep on the couch. You see, we live two doors down from a bar. Never once saw her bring a guy home and she didn’t hang out over there either.

    As for drinking, she buys one 30 pack a month. It usually last her a month. I don’t even care if she’s a drunk or if she’s drinking and it’s not something I hold as a reason to rent to a tenant anyway. So in reality, who gives a flying fuck? People acting like buying beer is bad and illegal is over the top and ridiculous. As for Judi, she does drink and when she does drink to much, sometimes she forgives people to fast. Sometimes, she defends those same moron’s that have burned her when she’s drunk. But… she’s drunk. Imagine the people who do things wrong in the bar two doors down when they are drunk. Why not reinstate prohibition and jail anyone who drinks while your at it. Give me a damn break. If that is all you got, you never had anything.

    I know what I heard on the phone a few times, with her landlord trying to convince me and bitching so loud talking to me, as if I gave a damn what she had to say and as if her words would ruin Judi. IT just told me she was in such a bad situation, that person wanted to not only get her out, but, make her homeless and absolutely ruin her and backed up what Judi was telling me. Just as what they have said on that blog. Sorry people… but, buying beer is not illegal. Drinking is not illegal. Being drunk is not illegal. Not to mention that in those pictures, there are soda cans that indicate they are also being saved for bringing back for deposit. Most people do wait to bring them back until they get enough to make it worth while to bring back. So the empties and those in the fridge say nothing anyway. You people obviously never saw an alcoholic’s place.

    Now, people can vividly see what Judi was saying and how she’s telling the truth and how some few people are using just a little thing and blowing it up to try to cause Judi trouble. It’s called harassment. I think after seeing what is above, the police officer had a valid reason for saying what he did. Not only that, but, might of had other reasons for saying what he did. Judi is now safe. I was so concerned about her safety, that I lost sleep. There is more to this… as in time, I am sure it will come out. But, while there appears to be an ongoing investigation, I will not further mar the investigation with any more information. That’s all I’m going to say. I would caution anyone being a vehicle to Evan’s harassment to use extreme caution, lest they too become part of what he is doing and face possible charges.

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  2. One must ask why did her x beat here she had to do something wrong.
    As for Jan her wife’s case is still under investigation.
    So to me I would think that they would stay away from anyone that would bring attenshion to things.
    As for evan he is facing fedreal charges out if WV as we speak.
    So he will be going back to prison very soon.
    Evan is a convicted kidnapper and child pedophile.
    He him self drinks and his room mate had just been busted for drugs.
    He is a sick person truth is he hast to see the psychiatrist once a week due to his metal problems.
    His own wife does not want him around but he has no where to go .
    She even moved her boy friend in and evan still would not leave.
    Sad truly.
    He has nothing in life .and will die with nothing

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  3. I will never be part of your BS ever again. No I am not drunk but I bet your co-host is higher than hell from smoking weed that is not medical seeing how she gets it from crazy Larry in the trailer park. Then again who knows maybe crazy Larry became a doctor as of lately. Oh yeah by the way this was to warn people about you not give you publicity. You just think you are God’s gift to all but you are nothing but the spawn of Satan himself.

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    1. No Jan all comments are moderated and it just wasn’t added. You were behind all this BS and you know it. Keep babying Evan because he will come back and gay bash you again when he has no use for you and you know that. I tried to warn you and this time don’t come to us for help cause you won’t get any from us. You are just blind and can’t see what the hell is up. I am happy now and have my own place where I don’t have psycho people flipping out. No I don’t have a drinking problem either…I take the it tip it and drink the contents. It goes down my throat perfectly fine thank you but you on the other hand DO NOT hold a medical card for weed and buy it from crazy Larry in the trailer park. Stop your lying and get real. You do know there are people that hate that. Oh yeah and by the way Evan knew nothing about Jeanie til I told him. I am not a bad person and you know that. I am very soft hearted and forgive way too easily. Not this time. By the way NO ONE invited you into a room I was paying rent for and then got ripped off in the end.

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