Akron Falls aka Murder Creek Akron, NY


The earliest people who lived around Akron Park area were three major tries of Indians…

…….The Eries

…….The Neutral-Wenros

……..The Hurons

They were there until 1650 when the Iroquois Nation absorbed the tribes aka the Seneca Indians. They remained the strongest and the most prominent tribe there at the time.


The legend goes as follows about the Falls. This place is known to the Indians as See-un-gut or roar of distant waters.

John Dolph and Peter Van Deventer had planned to build a sawmill on the creek. One evening when John Dolph and his wife were discussing the situation they had heard a shriek outside  John Dolph opened the door and he saw a young Indian Girl running toward him screaming for help. They bought her into their home.

A knock came at the door by a man who told them to let him in. The Dolph’s hid the girl. He claimed his name was Sanders and the girl was a prisoner and to be taken back to Canada.

After all this happened the girl told them her story. You see she was in love and the man she loved and her father both died in the same place. She went to the grave and she died of a broken heart. Here is her story she told the Dolphs…..

Akron Falls Girls Story

So here is what you will experience if you go to Akron Falls aka Murder Creek at night….

If you walk along Murder Creek at midnight you just may hear voices of the two lovers as they wander through the new land there on the ancient trail. Death bought them together which is a bond for many years that no man can break.

The Legend of Murder Creek

Here is information for a Halloween Night at Murder Creek……


There are also many caves there to be explored. I haven’t been there so I personally can’t tell you if this legend is true or not but that is how the story goes. Like with any other place you go to you can have fun but please be careful. Just remember to always get permission so you are not trespassing.

Judi Giramonti



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