Spontaneous Human Combustion(SHC)

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Spontaneous Human Combustion also known as SHC is very mysterious to say the least. It is a very fascinating subject that has had everyone baffled for a very long time. Til this day they have no idea what really causes it but. This is rare but it is very real. This is when people explode in to a ball of fire. In this article I will give you not only information but also the links to where I found my information. I invite everyone that reads this to comment if they have any ideas on what is really going on.

Spontaneous Human Combustion Theories…….

Many things can self ignite under the right circumstances such as coal dust, piles of compost, oily rags and even bales of hay. In these circumstances I am guessing it is caused by the gasses within the object and the temperature that it heats up to.


SHC is fatal and does not just burn part of the body but it burns the entire body.

SHC is considered to be strange circumstances

They believe it starts from the chest or the stomach

Forensic investigations have attempted to analyze reported circumstances. They have looked into victims behavior and habits such as alcohol consumption and proximity to potential sources of ignition as well as the behavior of fires that consume melted fat.

Here are some characteristics in findings of reported cases……

Victims are chronic alcoholics

Usually elderly females

Body not burned spontaneously but some lighted substance came in contact with it

Hands and feet fall off.

Fire caused little damage to combustible things in contact with the body

Combustion of the body left a residue of greasy and fetid ashes along with a real bad odor


Here are some of the cases I found listed…….

The latest was in September of 2011…..This was the 1st Irish case

…….elderly man…..this left burn marks on the ceiling

and floor above and below the body.

The first case was that of Polonus Vorstius in the late 1400’s…..he was an Italian Knight

In the 1700’s a Countess Cornelia Di Bandi was found half way between her bed and the window. Everything was burned except for her lower legs and 3 fingers.

In 1970 there was a Case in France that was of Ginette Kazmierczak

In 1967 Robert Francis Bailey of England was found. He was a homeless man and he had combusted from his stomach.

When SHC won a court case……In 1725 Nicole Millet who was wife of a Parisan Inn Keeper was found in the kitchen. Her husband got charged with her murder and convicted but through his appeals and claiming SHC he won his case and was released from prison.



I have not included all the cases I have found but you may go and look them up for yourself by following all the links I have provided. I truly believe this type of circumstance will baffle everyone for a very long time. Think about it….aske yourself….How can one just ignite into a ball of fire and burn to death? This is a very strange phenomena for sure. Maybe some day they will find the source of what causes this. I hope you all enjoyed the article and will continue to follow my blog. Thank you for your support.

Judi Giramonti




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