People Need to Leave People Alone Period

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I am so sick of people just sitting around lying about others. A certain person not too long ago busted into my room and accused me of something I did not do and stated maybe I was too drunk to remember. Well the same person threatened someone with a gun, a Smith and Wesson 38 to be exact and now they said they never did. Well this person does not drink but they sure do smoke weed so maybe they were too high to remember. Below you will see the threat she made. This is just facts that this did happen.Jans Threat to Scott

Recently she decided to do a blog on the Paranormal Herald World News Today and she just went after people not mentioning names. Yes folks you guessed it. The blog was about Carol Malone, Scott Hamilton and Myself. This woman done lost her mind to think she can attack said people and not have anyone retaliate. I for one WILL NOT sit back and let anyone attack me in any way shape or form. Here you can read the blog and also see the comments. I want to know when in the hell did Evan Jensen become infamous? I believe it has been since the day he was born.

June 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.JPGJune 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.2June 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.3June 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.CommentsJune 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.Comments.2June 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.Comments.3June 30th Jans Blog Paranormal Herald.Comments.4

Now the reason I took screenshots is because anything we comment just seems to disappear. This way here I have everything they have said and threatened. As the comments keep going I will add them to here so please keep watch on this blog.

All this is, is nothing but a big fat Romper Room here in Social Media Rooms. Some people really need to grow the hell up and get a life-like they claim they have.

I seriously believe that people should look up words before they use them. In this case the word infamous DOES NOT mean famous but actually the opposite.

Def of Infamous.JPG

Now this fits a few people I know to the tee. They have no clue how bad they really are and how bad their own reputation really is. You folks really need to check your words before you write an article. Then again as I think about it this entire POSSE is NO GOOD!

Judi Giramonti


Akron Falls aka Murder Creek Akron, NY


The earliest people who lived around Akron Park area were three major tries of Indians…

…….The Eries

…….The Neutral-Wenros

……..The Hurons

They were there until 1650 when the Iroquois Nation absorbed the tribes aka the Seneca Indians. They remained the strongest and the most prominent tribe there at the time.

The legend goes as follows about the Falls. This place is known to the Indians as See-un-gut or roar of distant waters.

John Dolph and Peter Van Deventer had planned to build a sawmill on the creek. One evening when John Dolph and his wife were discussing the situation they had heard a shriek outside  John Dolph opened the door and he saw a young Indian Girl running toward him screaming for help. They bought her into their home.

A knock came at the door by a man who told them to let him in. The Dolph’s hid the girl. He claimed his name was Sanders and the girl was a prisoner and to be taken back to Canada.

After all this happened the girl told them her story. You see she was in love and the man she loved and her father both died in the same place. She went to the grave and she died of a broken heart. Here is her story she told the Dolphs…..

Akron Falls Girls Story

So here is what you will experience if you go to Akron Falls aka Murder Creek at night….

If you walk along Murder Creek at midnight you just may hear voices of the two lovers as they wander through the new land there on the ancient trail. Death bought them together which is a bond for many years that no man can break.

The Legend of Murder Creek

Here is information for a Halloween Night at Murder Creek……

There are also many caves there to be explored. I haven’t been there so I personally can’t tell you if this legend is true or not but that is how the story goes. Like with any other place you go to you can have fun but please be careful. Just remember to always get permission so you are not trespassing.

Judi Giramonti


Psychological/Emotional Abuse

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I have decided to do this article not only because I am a victim to all of this but also because this is what is going on in Social Media these days. It is on a daily basis that I see this happening and the abusers doing this just don’t care how it affects the victims. These abusers will use you or blame you for what is going on in their lives. They play the victim and to me this is the worst kind of abuser because there is just no telling exactly how far they will go with their threats.

I have also gone through this abuse growing up within my family and throughout my life. In this article I will give you examples of my life that constitutes my abuse.

Psychological abuse is also known as psychological violence, emotional abuse and mental abuse. This type of abuse can ruin a person for life. As for myself I would rather have you hit or punch me cause bruises heal where as words stay deep in your mind. These words stay with me on a daily basis and it is horrible and not fun at all.

Abuse like this may result in………………..

…………..Psychological Trauma


……………Chronic Depression

……………PTSD……….which I do have and it hurts me deeply when people belittle me and                                              call me names.

Associated With Situations Of Power Imbalance……………

………….Abusive Relationships


………….Abuse not only in schools but also in the workplace

There Are 3 Categories……………..

………..Verbal aggression

………….Dominant Behaviors

…………Jealous Behaviors

Emotional abuse is any kind of abuse that is emotional instead of physical. This happens in intimate relationships(Domestic Violence), within families, in the workplace and on social media which I added in because it is all over the internet. I myself am a victim to that type of abuse.

Characteristics Of The Abuser………………

……………Personality Disorder

…………..Borderline Personaltity Disorder

…………..Narcissistic Personality Disorder

……………Antisocial Personality Disorder

I take a look at this list I just put up and I ask what is really going on? I have done Serial Killer Shows on Darkness Within Radio and I see most of these disorders fits the serial killer. I am not saying everyone that has this type of personality and will go on a killing spree but this scares me cause so many people on social media have these disorders going on. Then again I don’t believe everyone that is abused becomes a serial killer because I know plenty of abused people and they are fine.

There are 30 Signs Of Emotional Abuse(this is where I will give you examples pertaining to my life)…………….

Emotional abuse is more insidious and elusive than physical abuse. Like I stated earlier on the subject bruises heal but words are forever embedded deep within the mind. I will list the 30 signs……………..


……….Demeaning and Degrading the victim…..I was always told when I was growing up that I was never going to be anything and that I was nothing. I wanted to attend veterinarian school and I was told I wasn’t smart enough. This was degrading me down to where I felt that I never mattered.

…………Teasing and Sarcasm

…………Accusing Victim of Being Too Sensitive

…………Treats Victim as a Child……I just recently lived in a situation with a family member that thought they were my parent when I was actually the parent.

……….Correct or Chastise Victim’s Behavior

………..The Abuser Tries to Control Victim’s Finances

……….Abuser Belittles the Victim

……….Abuser Makes the Victim Feel as if They are Always Wrong and the Abuser is Always               Right.

……….Victim is Always Subjected to Nasty Looks and Body Language…..This was my daughter in-law. No matter what I did to try to please her and get along with her she always gave me nasty dirty looks which made me feel unwanted and hated. I did nothing but try and please her. I had to walk on eggshells when I was there.

………Abusers Have the Inability to Laugh at Themselves or Anyone Else

……….Abusers Have a Lack of Respect For Anyone

………..Abusers Make Excuses for Themselves and Will Never Say They are Sorry They                          Have a Hard Time With That……I have been through this on social media myself where the person would bash me, trash me and call me names. I would be the one always apologizing when I did nothing wrong. I guess that is because I can’t harbor hatred in my heart.

………..Abusers Cross Victims Boundaries

……….Abusers Blame the Victim for Everything That Goes Wrong in Their Lives

……….Abusers Call the Victim Names and Give Them Bad Lables…..Lately I have been called some pretty bad names myself. You see I got to the point I DON’T CARE. I know who I am and if people don’t like me so be it. Maybe I don’t like them either and then again I have to consider the source of where it came from.

……..Abusers Are Emotionally Distant

……..Abuser Resorts to Withdrawal

……..Abusers Don’t Show Empathy or Compassion

……..They Play the Victim…..This is a good one. In social media I know a certain person that does this well. They go and cause havoc with someone and then when the person fights back they turn around and say “I don’t know why they are attacking me that is just not nice”.  Now this is really funny if I say so myself. All I have to say is if you can’t deal with people standing up for themselves then shut the hell up, leave people alone and just go away.

………Abuser Neglects the Victim

……….Abusers Don’t Care About Anyone’s Feelings…..There we go again with the same fool I was just talking about. They just don’t care how the other person feels. They hurt people and try to ruin them without thinking about how this type of action would hurt the other party. I myself have PTSD from this type of behavior and it hurts me and takes me back to the past.

…….Abusers View Victims as an Extension of Themselves

……..Abusers Withhold Sex as a Way to Control the Victim

………..Abusers Tell the World the Victims Personal Information……This also happens a lot on social media.

………..Abusers Deny Their Behaviors When Confronted

………Abusers Make Threats or Negative Remarks to Frighten or Control Victim….Here again there is a ton of this on social media. OMG you wrote a paper about me or you said something about me….take it down or I will sue you. All I can say if you want to sue me go right ahead cause I am on disability and have nothing. All I can give you is my cigarette butts and I will gladly send them to you.

30 Signs Of Emotional Abuse In A Relationship

Now you may ask…..What Drives The Abuser?

What is Signs Of Emotional Abuse of a Child……

Now here is something that really pisses me off. Children did not ask to be born and for someone to take and abuse them in this manner should be locked up just like the people who physically abuse children. Growing up I was not just Psychologically abused but also physically and sexually abused. A lot of people don’t know that about me but my abuse affects me on a daily basis. I have PTSD from it. I never felt comfortable talking about it before but I have come to peace with it.

Here Are the Signs……………….







Psychological/Emotional abuse can happen in all types of families. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. It doesn’t signal out one race but it does happen in all races. It doesn’t matter if you are a natural-born child or adopted or even in a foster home….It Happens. This is sad and believe it or not actions of a person happen with their up bringing. Either its going to tear you down or its going to make you stronger.

I myself….I am a strong person and have been through a lot in just the past year alone. Yeah I could have played the poor me blues and thrown myself a pity party. I just refuse to. I get up and brush myself off and move on with my life. You ask…..Do you lose things? Yes I do but that is ok they can be replaced but my dignity and strength hold strong and I will always be like this til the day I die. I am so glad I was able to share this article with you and also share a bit of myself as I did. I wish all a good day and thank you so much for your support.

Judi Giramonti



















A Tribute to Docs Diablo Pride aka DD May 23rd, 1999 to June 9th, 2016

DD I will Always Love you DD was born on May 23rd, 1999 in Nixa Missouri. She was a beautiful buckskin mare with the sweetest soul anyone could have imagined. With a very kind eye she took my heart away and I will never forget her little antics. Her whinnies and knickering I will always hear.

DD and me This mare was my life, my friend and my companion. We traveled many miles together and learned from each other. I remember when I first met her and I thought she was nuts because she use to bang her head in the stall and kick her feet. To love DD is to really get to know her and I did one night when my boss asked me to ride her back up to the barn and untack her. I thought she was going to kill me but she didn’t. I knew at that point I just had to have her.

DD and cows I became involved in cow events and gymkhanas. Boy did this girl love her cows. I knew nothing about chasing a cow before her but she taught me and gave me confidence. A confidence I never knew I could ever have. I understood her and she understood me. We were a team that I knew we would always be together to the end.

My girl loved to eat and sometimes I think she just lived to eat and not eat to live. She would eat the darndest things. Every morning I use to stop and get myself a coffee and 2 doughnuts, one for her and one for me. She liked any type of food you gave her except Ranch Flavored Doritos. She was a chow hound for sure and use to beg like a dog. She would even do tricks to get her food such as bow and then she would give you her hoof like a dog.

Now My beloved mare is my Guardian Angel and is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I still can’t comprehend that she is gone and it was so sudden. I miss her and I am still in shock over it. I will always remember her and always hear her.

To my angel in Heaven I will always love you. Until we meet again…….

Play my girl with your friends up there that you loved so much. Desi, Ali and Willow. You are with them now running through the fields and kicking up your heals. Play baby over that Rainbow Bridge……..


I love you and will never forget you,

Mommy(Judi Giramonti)

What Is Alcoholism?

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Alcoholism is an illness that effects a lot of people everywhere. It cause stress on your family, employment and many other relationships you mat have. The physical affects it has on your body are many such as your heart, liver and brain. Alcohol is a drug which many people don’t believe. When detoxing from alcohol you may have tremors, fever, and very bad mood swings.

What is an Alcoholic? An alcoholic have a physical desire to use alcohol beyond what they can handle. These people drink until they can’t drink anymore which in turn it controls them………

…..Even though there is no unique definition for it, it does exist

…..They have compulsions to do things that they would never do sober

……This becomes a mental obsession to where the mind tells them they must have alcohol.

Definition Of An Alcoholic……….

An alcoholic is a person with an illness. This illness is long-term and chronic. They are obsessed with alcohol and can not control it.

Alcohol Abuse……the person does not show signs of alcoholism

Moderate Consumption…….They will not cause psychological nor physical harm to others.

Alcoholism in the United States…….

………15% are problem drinkers

………5%-10% are male while 3%-5% are female

These people can be diagnosed as alcohol dependent.

Understanding Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse…..

……..there are many factors

………Genetics is one. If it runs in your family you may have a greater desire to drink

………How you were raised

……social environment

………emotional health/mental health such as anxiety, depression, or bi-polar are more at risk. Some of these people even drink to self medicate and are at a higher risk.

Do you have a drinking problem

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse……..

…….neglecting responsibilities

……..drinking while in situations that can be physically dangerous

………repeated legal problems…..being arrested many times

………problems in relationships

……..drinking as a way of relaxing or de-stressing

Here are 5 Myths you may hear from an alcoholic…….

……I can stop drinking

…..My drinking only hurts me….no folks it hurts everyone around you

…….I have a job so I am not an alcoholic

……..drinking is not a “real” addiction like drug use

I am here to tell you alcohol is most certainly a drug and a very harmful one. It is legal to buy alcohol if you are of age. There are some people who buy it for underaged minors and get in trouble. Don’t be that person.

I recently asked a person close to me why do they drink so early in the morning when others drink coffee and the response was because my body is use to the Hops so I need it. I guess one excuse for an alcoholic is as good as the next. You can bet the alcoholic has more excuses than any other person. I have heard many of them myself but until that person comes to terms that they have a problem then there is nothing you or anyone else can do.

Judi Giramonti


Spontaneous Human Combustion(SHC)

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Spontaneous Human Combustion also known as SHC is very mysterious to say the least. It is a very fascinating subject that has had everyone baffled for a very long time. Til this day they have no idea what really causes it but. This is rare but it is very real. This is when people explode in to a ball of fire. In this article I will give you not only information but also the links to where I found my information. I invite everyone that reads this to comment if they have any ideas on what is really going on.

Spontaneous Human Combustion Theories…….

Many things can self ignite under the right circumstances such as coal dust, piles of compost, oily rags and even bales of hay. In these circumstances I am guessing it is caused by the gasses within the object and the temperature that it heats up to.

SHC is fatal and does not just burn part of the body but it burns the entire body.

SHC is considered to be strange circumstances

They believe it starts from the chest or the stomach

Forensic investigations have attempted to analyze reported circumstances. They have looked into victims behavior and habits such as alcohol consumption and proximity to potential sources of ignition as well as the behavior of fires that consume melted fat.

Here are some characteristics in findings of reported cases……

Victims are chronic alcoholics

Usually elderly females

Body not burned spontaneously but some lighted substance came in contact with it

Hands and feet fall off.

Fire caused little damage to combustible things in contact with the body

Combustion of the body left a residue of greasy and fetid ashes along with a real bad odor

Here are some of the cases I found listed…….

The latest was in September of 2011…..This was the 1st Irish case

…….elderly man…..this left burn marks on the ceiling

and floor above and below the body.

The first case was that of Polonus Vorstius in the late 1400’s…..he was an Italian Knight

In the 1700’s a Countess Cornelia Di Bandi was found half way between her bed and the window. Everything was burned except for her lower legs and 3 fingers.

In 1970 there was a Case in France that was of Ginette Kazmierczak

In 1967 Robert Francis Bailey of England was found. He was a homeless man and he had combusted from his stomach.

When SHC won a court case……In 1725 Nicole Millet who was wife of a Parisan Inn Keeper was found in the kitchen. Her husband got charged with her murder and convicted but through his appeals and claiming SHC he won his case and was released from prison.

I have not included all the cases I have found but you may go and look them up for yourself by following all the links I have provided. I truly believe this type of circumstance will baffle everyone for a very long time. Think about it….aske yourself….How can one just ignite into a ball of fire and burn to death? This is a very strange phenomena for sure. Maybe some day they will find the source of what causes this. I hope you all enjoyed the article and will continue to follow my blog. Thank you for your support.

Judi Giramonti