Adults Acting Like Children

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I have never in my life seen so many adults that act like children. There are actually people out there that say I won’t be friends with you if you are friends with this person. Well folks I am grown and many of us feel that we can speak to and be friends with whom ever we want.

I know for a fact there is a young adult out there right now telling everyone not to be friends with me cause he blocked me on Facebook. Yes folks I called him out and he didn’t like it.

Now when you ask someone for help and this is what happened. He asked me for help on a case which actually the events that were happening were all messed up but not only that it wasn’t even his case. They were two different cases and a totally different group. Now cause he got found out he wants everyone he knows to not speak to me. I say grow up my friend cause this is adulthood not Romper Room.

I know he will probably see this but for him to actually get it is about him is a different story. I have written two blogs before about him and he had no clue but liked what I had to say. Is he really that stupid?

All I have to say to him is wake the hell up and smell the coffee. We are adults and will speak to whom we want to. You don’t run Social Media.

On behalf of others DO NOT use their show names or anything that has to do with anyone else’s shows. That is called Copyright Infringement and could cause you a lawsuit. Stop using other people’s children to fight your battles. Grow a set of balls and stick up for yourself. That is my rant and you know who you are.

Judi Giramonti


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