When People Just Don’t Listen

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For those of you that know me I have been in the field for 21 years. I have seen so much crap in the past 3 years within social media it isn’t funny. I have seen people scamming people, psychics getting arrested, people trespassing on private property and even more.

Recently I ran across a post on a friends page and someone posted that they had cleared a house of the spirits there by calling on a supposed Archangel Azrael. There is nothing good about this Azrael thing and that is exactly what it is just a very evil demonic thing that followed Gregori. He is supposed to be the Angel of Death and I would say if you want to spend your eternity just waking around on haunted ground go ahead and call on him when you are dying. I do have proof of all this and anything that comes from Lucifer aka Satan can not be good.

Now we all know that Lucifer was one of the most beautiful angels in Heaven but his pride got the best of him and God cast him down to hell. Well I guess this really pissed him off so now he has to cause chaos on earth and among people. He even sends his little demons up here to bother us and lie to us.

What bothers me is that a psychic told this person to call upon this so-called angel to come and get the spirits to take them home. Why in the world would anyone being psychic do this? Could they be fake? I would say so or they are just into plain evilness themselves and worship the Prince of Darkness.

Here you will see a picture of Lucifer and under the picture you will see his army of angels that got cast out of heaven for one reason or another……


Here are some links so that you can go and read for yourselves just what I am talking about……..


http://angels-angelology.com/names-of-the-archangels   The second link is to a site where you can read all about the Angels yourself.

Now what really pisses me off is that you have people out there posting stuff such as what I read today and there are new people to the field that will also probably read that and say hey why don’t we call this thing…..well you keep calling things as such you just might be calling yourself an Exorcist. These things are nothing to play with folks so please what ever you do DON’T CALL SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

If you do happen to be in touch with one of these demons you will go through different phases and we have spoken on this many times and it is not good. Here are the steps you go through when having a possession take place……

Depression……you become very depressed

Obsession……you will become obsessed with your new-found friend

Possession……They will start to possess you and last but not least

Infestation……Now they have taken up residency within your body and they control you.

I have seen Possession and have helped during an exorcism and for those of you in the field that have not seen this or been there believe me you don’t want to be there. These things lunge at you, kick you, spit at you, swear at you, call you names, and there is so much more they do it is just way too long to list. If you don’t have a strong Christian belief or a belief in something other than Satan himself the just leave him alone. DO NOT call upon him or any of his army to help you because they won’t. They will destroy you and your family.

This was just some food for thought and I hope you take my advice because it is not a fun thing to go through nor to see.

Judi Giramonti


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