What Is The Paraworld Coming To?

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There are so many groups right now it really isn’t funny. I believe that the TV shows are to blame for this. You have people out there that get into the field to be just like the TV personalities really not knowing what they are doing or the dangers that could arise on an investigation. You have people going into places with NO permission at all. You have people not having the proper channels signing the proper forms. These people go into places they get hurt either by falling through floors or being attacked by who knows what. Then they want to sue someone. There is a reason that there are NO TRESSPASSING signs at certain locations. They don’t put them up for their health but because they know the place is dangerous and ready to fall in or they just don’t want you there.

There is also a reason to get permission before going into a cemetery at night and that is because so many people go into the cemetery desecrating graves and the graveyard. Recently I read that in 2 cemeteries in Connecticut the thieves stole what they thought to be marble angels off of tombstones. Well I guess they got a shock when they found out they were nothing but cement. I laughed at that and said to myself good for their asses. They have recovered 3 that were taken out of a cemetery in Southington Connecticut but haven’t recovered the one’s taken from St. Mary’s Cemetery in New Britain Connecticut where my relatives are buried. I hope they catch these people and throw them under the jail house.

Now let me touch on some of the dangers of going into abandoned places……

  1. You can fall through the floor
  2. You can come across a homeless person that may attack you.
  3. You may not have anyway of getting out of the place if you get hurt.
  4. You may come across an entity that may hurt you.

This is why you need permission from the proper person/owner and you need to have all forms signed such as a permission form and I always have a liability form on me stating I do not hold the owner liable for anything and we are responsible for what goes on in the place.

You should also check out your members to see if they have any crimes such as assault or theft. You don’t want to take a thief into someone’s house or building and have them steal something then be responsible for it.

You always want to interview the client so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into if there is anything there. I have come across a lot of places where things could be explained and it is not paranormal. I look at the obvious. The only time I really couldn’t explain things was at a private house I did. Everything was supposed to be shut off such as water, electric and heat but we had all of those things. There were no meters moving so we called whatever was going on paranormal. We had no choice but to do so.

I hope this helped you out some on the importance of doing things right and not just going by your feelings or just because you want that thrill. It just doesn’t work that way.

Judi Giramonti


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