Some People Just Don’t Give Up

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You know I have dealt with a lot of people in this field or they left the field but there are just some people who are really BAT SHIT CRAZY and are nothing but SHIT HOUSE RATS. They tell you to leave them alone but when you do and say nothing it seems they have a lot to say about you. They threaten to have you thrown in jail for every little thing. They call the cops and tell them lies. I just want to know WTF is really wrong with these people? They are psychopaths I tell you just BAT SHIT CRAZY PSYCHOPATHS!Def Shithouse Rat

Then you have those that run back to these people and tell them everything you do or say and I call these people TROLLS. Well folks I have stuff for them as well.These people just don’t have any brains and are really stupid. I just don’t know what makes them like this. Did they do too many drugs? Smoke too much CRACK? Fall on their heads? Then maybe just maybe they fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. I get really sick of these folks bothering me and putting my name in crap where it doesn’t need to be.


I guess these people just can’t help themselves and they get really butt hurt from people telling the truth about them. I do actually have a few things I would like to present them with…..

These people are nothing but a bunch of liars and have the nerve to tell someone else to get their facts straight. I just don’t know anymore. They really need to stop and mind their own damn business. What anyone writes in these blogs is against the law. These blogs are protected by Freedom Of Speech and it states that right here in the terms of service for this site. You can read it for yourselves.

So now for you folks that like to lie about others and things that you do when in actuality there is no such thing other than you trying to make yourself look bigger than you are I give to you this……

This is my rant for the day and I hope you enjoyed the blog. For those of you who thinks about you then all I can say is…….If the Shoe Fits


Judi Giramonti



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