There Are No Experts In The Paranormal Field

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I get so tired of hearing people in the field claiming to be experts. If there were experts then there would be no Paranormal Field because everything would have already been found out. I have been in this field for 21 years now and I still learn on a daily basis. You may ask how I learn…..well I communicate with people in the field and we discuss different things that happened to us. I also have my show and I invite people on such as Psychics, Mediums, Authors and other people from the Paranormal World.

It really makes me mad when I hear people who have been in the field for under 10 years saying they consider themselves experts. They try to tell you about documentation, research, EVP’s and so forth. People I know about all that cause I do it. Wake up and smell the coffee YOU ARE NOT EXPERTS!

Then you hear people talking about the fact that there are a lot of people out here for the money when if fact that is what they want themselves. What is this field coming to anyway?

They claim that people start drama and take people down when in fact what is going on is the exposing of fakes and frauds. You don’t make money doing this at all. These people tend to be delusional and listen to what they want to hear going on inside their own little pea brained minds. These are the people who start the drama and cry everyone else is starting the drama. Some people should just not be in the field.

Then you have these people starting radio shows and expect to make it overnight in the radio world. Well when you have a fraud as a co-host and you invite the same kind to your shows NO ONE will come and listen. It takes time to draw an audience to listen to you. You can’t be lazy and sit back and do nothing. You have to reach out to people….oh I forgot you are an expert.

Then you have these people who just sit around and say hey did you see what this one said? I don’t care! They run back to people that you don’t like for one reason or another and tell them everything that is going on with you, your group and your life. I categorize them as TROLLS and these people cause DRAMA.

Folks if you’re in the field to try to make money I am here to tell you you’re in the field for all the wrong reasons. Leave the field and get a real job and leave the Spirits up to those that really want to know the answers.

Judi Giramonti



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