Enough Is Enough

Me New

This past week has taken a toll on me. I say enough is enough now with all the sad news that has hit me. First it was my friend’s son that passed unexpectedly at home age 49 then it was a friend’s wife and then the same day a friends mother in-law and another friends dog. I have had my share of bad news for a while. I know they say it comes in 3’s but this hit 4 times this week. What is really going on? Is it that the world is getting so bad everyone is just passing? Is it the end of times? What next I keep saying.

With all this going on there has been little to no sleep and a lot of restlessness with me at night. Then to top it off I have a friend still in ICU fighting for his life. He is doing better but not out of the woods as of yet.

I can accept the fact that people do die and in actuality we start to die the minute we are born. This is God’s plan but no one ever knows the time nor the day or age to prepare for such a thing.

I am an Empath so I get the feeling twice as much. If you can’t breathe I have heaviness on my chest. If you get a migraine so do I. If you are in pain then I have it also. They say it’s a gift but I say its a curse. I don’t like this at times in my life because it brings death into my life. I finally got a good nights sleep last night but I still feel drained and I still want answers why. I guess I will never know.

I do send my deepest condolences to everyone that lost someone this week. You have my heart-felt sympathies and my prayers go out to all of you. May your loved ones Rest In Peace always.


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