Adults Acting Like Children

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I have never in my life seen so many adults that act like children. There are actually people out there that say I won’t be friends with you if you are friends with this person. Well folks I am grown and many of us feel that we can speak to and be friends with whom ever we want.

I know for a fact there is a young adult out there right now telling everyone not to be friends with me cause he blocked me on Facebook. Yes folks I called him out and he didn’t like it.

Now when you ask someone for help and this is what happened. He asked me for help on a case which actually the events that were happening were all messed up but not only that it wasn’t even his case. They were two different cases and a totally different group. Now cause he got found out he wants everyone he knows to not speak to me. I say grow up my friend cause this is adulthood not Romper Room.

I know he will probably see this but for him to actually get it is about him is a different story. I have written two blogs before about him and he had no clue but liked what I had to say. Is he really that stupid?

All I have to say to him is wake the hell up and smell the coffee. We are adults and will speak to whom we want to. You don’t run Social Media.

On behalf of others DO NOT use their show names or anything that has to do with anyone else’s shows. That is called Copyright Infringement and could cause you a lawsuit. Stop using other people’s children to fight your battles. Grow a set of balls and stick up for yourself. That is my rant and you know who you are.

Judi Giramonti


When People Just Don’t Listen

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For those of you that know me I have been in the field for 21 years. I have seen so much crap in the past 3 years within social media it isn’t funny. I have seen people scamming people, psychics getting arrested, people trespassing on private property and even more.

Recently I ran across a post on a friends page and someone posted that they had cleared a house of the spirits there by calling on a supposed Archangel Azrael. There is nothing good about this Azrael thing and that is exactly what it is just a very evil demonic thing that followed Gregori. He is supposed to be the Angel of Death and I would say if you want to spend your eternity just waking around on haunted ground go ahead and call on him when you are dying. I do have proof of all this and anything that comes from Lucifer aka Satan can not be good.

Now we all know that Lucifer was one of the most beautiful angels in Heaven but his pride got the best of him and God cast him down to hell. Well I guess this really pissed him off so now he has to cause chaos on earth and among people. He even sends his little demons up here to bother us and lie to us.

What bothers me is that a psychic told this person to call upon this so-called angel to come and get the spirits to take them home. Why in the world would anyone being psychic do this? Could they be fake? I would say so or they are just into plain evilness themselves and worship the Prince of Darkness.

Here you will see a picture of Lucifer and under the picture you will see his army of angels that got cast out of heaven for one reason or another……


Here are some links so that you can go and read for yourselves just what I am talking about……..   The second link is to a site where you can read all about the Angels yourself.

Now what really pisses me off is that you have people out there posting stuff such as what I read today and there are new people to the field that will also probably read that and say hey why don’t we call this thing…..well you keep calling things as such you just might be calling yourself an Exorcist. These things are nothing to play with folks so please what ever you do DON’T CALL SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

If you do happen to be in touch with one of these demons you will go through different phases and we have spoken on this many times and it is not good. Here are the steps you go through when having a possession take place……

Depression……you become very depressed

Obsession……you will become obsessed with your new-found friend

Possession……They will start to possess you and last but not least

Infestation……Now they have taken up residency within your body and they control you.

I have seen Possession and have helped during an exorcism and for those of you in the field that have not seen this or been there believe me you don’t want to be there. These things lunge at you, kick you, spit at you, swear at you, call you names, and there is so much more they do it is just way too long to list. If you don’t have a strong Christian belief or a belief in something other than Satan himself the just leave him alone. DO NOT call upon him or any of his army to help you because they won’t. They will destroy you and your family.

This was just some food for thought and I hope you take my advice because it is not a fun thing to go through nor to see.

Judi Giramonti

What Is The Paraworld Coming To?

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There are so many groups right now it really isn’t funny. I believe that the TV shows are to blame for this. You have people out there that get into the field to be just like the TV personalities really not knowing what they are doing or the dangers that could arise on an investigation. You have people going into places with NO permission at all. You have people not having the proper channels signing the proper forms. These people go into places they get hurt either by falling through floors or being attacked by who knows what. Then they want to sue someone. There is a reason that there are NO TRESSPASSING signs at certain locations. They don’t put them up for their health but because they know the place is dangerous and ready to fall in or they just don’t want you there.

There is also a reason to get permission before going into a cemetery at night and that is because so many people go into the cemetery desecrating graves and the graveyard. Recently I read that in 2 cemeteries in Connecticut the thieves stole what they thought to be marble angels off of tombstones. Well I guess they got a shock when they found out they were nothing but cement. I laughed at that and said to myself good for their asses. They have recovered 3 that were taken out of a cemetery in Southington Connecticut but haven’t recovered the one’s taken from St. Mary’s Cemetery in New Britain Connecticut where my relatives are buried. I hope they catch these people and throw them under the jail house.

Now let me touch on some of the dangers of going into abandoned places……

  1. You can fall through the floor
  2. You can come across a homeless person that may attack you.
  3. You may not have anyway of getting out of the place if you get hurt.
  4. You may come across an entity that may hurt you.

This is why you need permission from the proper person/owner and you need to have all forms signed such as a permission form and I always have a liability form on me stating I do not hold the owner liable for anything and we are responsible for what goes on in the place.

You should also check out your members to see if they have any crimes such as assault or theft. You don’t want to take a thief into someone’s house or building and have them steal something then be responsible for it.

You always want to interview the client so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into if there is anything there. I have come across a lot of places where things could be explained and it is not paranormal. I look at the obvious. The only time I really couldn’t explain things was at a private house I did. Everything was supposed to be shut off such as water, electric and heat but we had all of those things. There were no meters moving so we called whatever was going on paranormal. We had no choice but to do so.

I hope this helped you out some on the importance of doing things right and not just going by your feelings or just because you want that thrill. It just doesn’t work that way.

Judi Giramonti

Some People Just Don’t Give Up

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You know I have dealt with a lot of people in this field or they left the field but there are just some people who are really BAT SHIT CRAZY and are nothing but SHIT HOUSE RATS. They tell you to leave them alone but when you do and say nothing it seems they have a lot to say about you. They threaten to have you thrown in jail for every little thing. They call the cops and tell them lies. I just want to know WTF is really wrong with these people? They are psychopaths I tell you just BAT SHIT CRAZY PSYCHOPATHS!Def Shithouse Rat

Then you have those that run back to these people and tell them everything you do or say and I call these people TROLLS. Well folks I have stuff for them as well.These people just don’t have any brains and are really stupid. I just don’t know what makes them like this. Did they do too many drugs? Smoke too much CRACK? Fall on their heads? Then maybe just maybe they fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. I get really sick of these folks bothering me and putting my name in crap where it doesn’t need to be.


I guess these people just can’t help themselves and they get really butt hurt from people telling the truth about them. I do actually have a few things I would like to present them with…..

These people are nothing but a bunch of liars and have the nerve to tell someone else to get their facts straight. I just don’t know anymore. They really need to stop and mind their own damn business. What anyone writes in these blogs is against the law. These blogs are protected by Freedom Of Speech and it states that right here in the terms of service for this site. You can read it for yourselves.

So now for you folks that like to lie about others and things that you do when in actuality there is no such thing other than you trying to make yourself look bigger than you are I give to you this……

This is my rant for the day and I hope you enjoyed the blog. For those of you who thinks about you then all I can say is…….If the Shoe Fits


Judi Giramonti


There Are No Experts In The Paranormal Field

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I get so tired of hearing people in the field claiming to be experts. If there were experts then there would be no Paranormal Field because everything would have already been found out. I have been in this field for 21 years now and I still learn on a daily basis. You may ask how I learn…..well I communicate with people in the field and we discuss different things that happened to us. I also have my show and I invite people on such as Psychics, Mediums, Authors and other people from the Paranormal World.

It really makes me mad when I hear people who have been in the field for under 10 years saying they consider themselves experts. They try to tell you about documentation, research, EVP’s and so forth. People I know about all that cause I do it. Wake up and smell the coffee YOU ARE NOT EXPERTS!

Then you hear people talking about the fact that there are a lot of people out here for the money when if fact that is what they want themselves. What is this field coming to anyway?

They claim that people start drama and take people down when in fact what is going on is the exposing of fakes and frauds. You don’t make money doing this at all. These people tend to be delusional and listen to what they want to hear going on inside their own little pea brained minds. These are the people who start the drama and cry everyone else is starting the drama. Some people should just not be in the field.

Then you have these people starting radio shows and expect to make it overnight in the radio world. Well when you have a fraud as a co-host and you invite the same kind to your shows NO ONE will come and listen. It takes time to draw an audience to listen to you. You can’t be lazy and sit back and do nothing. You have to reach out to people….oh I forgot you are an expert.

Then you have these people who just sit around and say hey did you see what this one said? I don’t care! They run back to people that you don’t like for one reason or another and tell them everything that is going on with you, your group and your life. I categorize them as TROLLS and these people cause DRAMA.

Folks if you’re in the field to try to make money I am here to tell you you’re in the field for all the wrong reasons. Leave the field and get a real job and leave the Spirits up to those that really want to know the answers.

Judi Giramonti


Enough Is Enough

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This past week has taken a toll on me. I say enough is enough now with all the sad news that has hit me. First it was my friend’s son that passed unexpectedly at home age 49 then it was a friend’s wife and then the same day a friends mother in-law and another friends dog. I have had my share of bad news for a while. I know they say it comes in 3’s but this hit 4 times this week. What is really going on? Is it that the world is getting so bad everyone is just passing? Is it the end of times? What next I keep saying.

With all this going on there has been little to no sleep and a lot of restlessness with me at night. Then to top it off I have a friend still in ICU fighting for his life. He is doing better but not out of the woods as of yet.

I can accept the fact that people do die and in actuality we start to die the minute we are born. This is God’s plan but no one ever knows the time nor the day or age to prepare for such a thing.

I am an Empath so I get the feeling twice as much. If you can’t breathe I have heaviness on my chest. If you get a migraine so do I. If you are in pain then I have it also. They say it’s a gift but I say its a curse. I don’t like this at times in my life because it brings death into my life. I finally got a good nights sleep last night but I still feel drained and I still want answers why. I guess I will never know.

I do send my deepest condolences to everyone that lost someone this week. You have my heart-felt sympathies and my prayers go out to all of you. May your loved ones Rest In Peace always.