Prayer Warriors In Need

Padre Joseph

Meet a really good friend of mine Padre Joseph from Pennsyvannia. Both him and his wife has helped me out in times of need. Well Padre and his family need your prayers now. I learned recently that Padre came down with Bronchitis which turned into pneumonia and has been hospitalized in ICU.

The doctors have put him in a medically induced coma and they have him not only on a ventilator but also dialysis. He needs our prayers folks so he can get healed. I am reaching out to everyone in the field and even if you’re not in the field for prayers.

These people are good people and I know in my heart and I also believe that Padre will be healed. It’s in the word of God that it states “By my stripes you will be healed” and I stand on God’s word and I believe that Padre Joseph will be healed. He is a religious man and any question you have been it about God or the devil he will sit and explain things to you.

He has always been there to consult on many cases that I have come across. He has prayed for me and my family. We have spent hours just talking about scripture and he doesn’t mind.

Father God I ask you right now in the name of your precious son Jesus Christ that died for our sins on the cross that you reach down and touch Padre Joseph right now in the name of Jesus and heal him. I am standing upon your word that by your stripes he will be healed. In Jesus’s name I pray Amen.

I believe in my heart that Padre will be back with us soon. Pray warriors pray for them as they need a miracle right now for a healing.

Thank You All

Judi Giramonti



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