What Makes Some People Tick?

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I have written on this subject a few times but it still makes me wonder What Makes Some People Tick? I have been dealing with many different personalities on social media and trying to figure out why they do what they do. Lately I have been putting up with just some plain stupidity and I am not liking it. I won’t mention any names here on this blog as I don’t feel its right. Like I said before the guilty ones always come forward in the comments and depending what they are I just don’t put them up. Some times they are just too stupid or threatening. People that know me know I don’t like to be threatened in any way, shape, or form. That is when the names come out because I just don’t care at that point. I also sit here and wonder…….

stupid people

I really doubt it. They don’t use their brains but then again……

How can you talk without a brain

Yes folks they actually do a lot of talking even without a brain. There are some people that claim to have one thing wrong with them when in actuality they have a whole other thing wrong with them. Just by their actions you can see that they have Disassociated Behavior Disorder. They only associate with certain people or certain groups. They act totally out of hand threatening people and then turn it around by saying you are threatening them. They often cry to others saying “See what they said about me?” When in fact they never tell anyone what they said about you in the first place.

I read a very good article by Dr Scott Bonn today. He writes for Psychology Today and he describes this type of person in the article which inspired me to write this article today. I know I haven’t been writing much but thought this was a very important subject to write on. We all deal with these people on social media on a daily basis. Here is where you can find Dr Scott Bonn’s article……..


Scott Bonn

I would like to personally thank Dr Scott Bonn for his great articles and the work he does when he looks into the making of a Serial Killer.


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