Romper Room Actions Strike Again


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It was bought to my attention today that certain people that I would call the gruesome twosome said they don’t want anyone that is involved with other people to go to their shows or listen to them. Well I have news for the Gruesome Twosome…..YOUR SHOWS ARE PUBLIC! Get off you baby antics and stop acting like you haven’t even graduated kindergarten. You have little to no say about what is public. You can only control that through your studio and so be it. I could really careless about your stupid shows. Hey wait a minute folks just in we have a picture of the Gruesome Twosome……

Wacky-gruesome-twosome There they are in all their glory thinking they just look so great. They look like dumb and dumber to me and saying to each other….”Gee George which way did they go which way did they go?” Yes folks these are the types…

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