Ancient Burial Ground of the Thirty Mile Island Plantation


I went to this cemetery last night March 24th 2016. Upon walking in I could feel it getting colder and colder. It was actually freezing in there. This is the burial grounds for one Thankful Arnold that also has her house across the street called The Thankful Arnold House. It is a museum. If you would like more info on this location (the house) please go to………

57. Thankful Arnold House Museum

I found the history to be very interesting. She was married to Joseph Arnold and had 12 children. You can see her entire geneology by going to this site…..

I did take some photos of the cemetery where she was laid to rest and one is quite interesting to say the least. Now some may call it camera movement but I do have auto focus and never had gotten anything like this as far as energy goes…..

As you can see in the first picture it seems to be blurry but in the second one that I had taken right after it is clear. Now if you look towards the back it appears to be some kind of black figure by the tree and that is not in the second one. I leave it up to you to decide.

Although I did not find Thankful Arnold’s grave stone I do have her intermittent that I found on-line. This cemetery is extremely old and it was very difficult to read the names on the stones.

Thankful Arnold Grave

Thankful Arnold Grave.2Thankful Arnold Grave.3

I also found some history of the cemetery as well as Thirty Mile Island………

Thirty Mile Island Plantation Cemetery

Thirty Mile Island Plantation HistoryThirty Mile Island Plantation History.2

I really wished I had more time to spend there and even stay after dark but when you go with other people its kind of hard to remain where you want to be. I felt nothing as being evil there in any way at all. Maybe one day I can visit again and take pictures at night. I feel that would be quite interesting. I would also bring the rest of my equipment which I did not do so I can record the temperature changes.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Thankful Arnold and please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you all for your support.

Judi Giramonti



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