Some People Need to Get a Life

Me New

As you all know I have some pet peeves. This one is a very strong one. I hate when men and at this point I can’t even call them men because they Are Not in my book use women for their disability and their money.

All too often I see these so called men using women like myself for their disability when they are quite capable of getting off their fat ass and go to work. When you ask these women why they allow this it is often told to me once too many times I LOVE THEM. What in the hell is there to love when they can’t help you out with you finances or you bills. Come on now…..they can’t be that good in bed. I say throw them the hell out and let them go live under a bridge.

I myself found myself in this situation once too often but I am strong enough to tell these leaches to get a job or find a new address. I am not your Mama and didn’t have you. Then you have the nerve to turn around and snap at some body when they ask you a question.

Take your fat ass on away from here and get a job and stop living off your girlfriend you fat piece of shit. Get a job or go to school but help her out. Before you do that take you nasty ass a shower cause you sure do stink like Pe’Pe’ Le Pew.

Ladies don’t let these guys do this to you and please don’t be afraid to stand up to them cause they will just hang around if you don’t.

Judi Giramonti


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