Toxic People

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There are many toxic people out here in the world that want you in their misery. Then again like the old saying goes “Misery Loves Company”. These people want you miserable all the time. They tend to make your life a living hell. Here are signs of a toxic person…..

Signs of a Toxic person

Mo matter what you do you just can’t seem to please these types of people. They want to constantly throw your past in your face no matter how long ago it happened. That my friend is verbal and mental abuse. You see I lived my entire life in that manner and refuse to live that way again.

They go over board and want to be all up in your personal space violating your boundaries. They don’t care what affect this has on you and continue to do it. Hence these people are just a big infestation of cockroaches. You try to get rid of them and you just can’t because they tend to travel all over collecting other cockroaches.

Cockroach Infestation

When you speak to them its always about them and they could careless about you and what is going on in your life or how they hurt you. They never take your feelings into consideration by any means. They just won’t go away. They also tend to drive you crazy if your not watching out for them and study them hard.

I took a good look at many of these people from various states across the USA and if you don’t do what they say they cry like a bunch of babies. I DON’T WANT TO BE BOTHERED ANYMORE BY THESE PEOPLE!

I have new thingsĀ coming up soon and when the time is right I will let you know exactly what they are. I won’t say right now because I just don’t feel as if certain people/cockroaches need to know. I will continue my blogs but on a more positive note. You will all see the change really soon. I have had enough bullshit for now and I am starting my life new.

For those of you that have supported me on my shows and this blog I do appreciate it but there will be NO MORE bashing blogs but I will restart my Haunted Havens here on the Darkness Within Radio Site Blog. This is the way I am going and will continue to go. I have a bunch of interesting places to post with History and Hauntings. Some Places I have been and some I have read about. I do hope you will enjoy them. As for now good night and I wish you all well in whatever it is you do.

Judi Giramonti


2 thoughts on “Toxic People

  1. I try not to judge anyone EVER, if they aren’t the kind of people I want around me, it’s easy enough just not be around them.
    As for the pot calling the kettle black, I have to laugh at them, what they accuse others of doing is exactly what they’re doing! Gotta wonder if they are sociopath psychos!

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    1. I agree Jan and thanks for responding. They just don’t understand I don’t attack unless attacked first and I do have the right to stand up for myself. As for idiots trying to comment I just spam them and go on with the day but I do screenshot them and put them in a file.

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