What Is the Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

Pot Calling Kettle Black Yes folks I found in the Paranormal World there are people out there talking crap and causing trouble. People writing these blogs to dis credit people when they themselves are doing the same thing. They threaten you all the time and to me that is because they have nothing better to do. These people remind me of cockroaches that just won’t go away and no matter what you do you just can’t get rid of them. Before you know it there is a cockroach infestation because these people cry the poor me crap after they go and trash you. They bring their entire family to the scene and they are just immuned to what ever you do. You can yell at them to leave you alone and go away but that just doesn’t work. Then forget it if they hate you cause it just gets worse. You put these roaches in the back of your mind but they keep popping out of no where. Before you know it they are just crawling up your walls to drive you buggy….Cockroach Infestation

You see you have a head one and all the rest just follow.They do the same thing you do and then they want to cry like a baby.Baby Pot and Kettle black.PNG

Yes this baby has it going on and is right on the money when it comes to these cockroaches for sure. He know what he is talking about.

So you only like the truth

When you speak the truth about someone others just don’t like it cause it just won’t fit into their delusional little world. Whatever they keep thinking they can just go on with themselves. I have said all I have to say on this subject and I hope you all get the message here…..BE CAREFUL OF THE COCKROACHES AND THE DELUSIONAL PEOPLE that have those little voices in their head going “they’re picking on you again”. No I am not picking on anyone and that is a fact.

Pot and Kettle - "Who are you to judge?"
Pot and Kettle – “Who are you to judge?”

I ask my haters that cause they are not God and only the good Lord can judge me. Like it is said people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones cause there are people that won’t throw stones but they just might throw boulders.



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