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I wrote this a while back on myself. I decided to post it again so people that continue to harass me will understand just where I come from and what I went through in life. This is what caused my PTSD in the first place and now I just want to be left alone by these HATERS. You may ask why do they me…..well folks its like this…..when you are friends with someone they don’t like they cause problems. They also think you should kiss their ass after they call you all sorts of names and such. The one thing I just don’t understand is why do they feel the need to bother you when you have nothing to say to them? Are they really that psychotic? The best part is they just won’t stop. Now even when I write an article and say nothing about them they feel the need to comment but here is the thing I have to say….STOP COMMENTING CAUSE ITS NOT BEING POSTED! I won’t give them the right time of day but I will spam all their posts.

Here is the article I was speaking of………

My Blog.JPGMy Blog.2My Blog.3.JPG

Now folks I can also tell you as of Superbowl Sunday I took my last drink and quit. I now sit here eating Gobstoppers instead. I also have switched to Non-Alcoholic Beer and I only drink 2 per day and I am satisfied. Some people think I ought to quit smoking as well but I say one at a time. As for me I will be starting a new venture soon. I won’t say what it is but it will be new for me.

I am wishing everyone well in all they do including my haters and hope they can find other avenues to take in their lives besides harassing someone that is disable do to PTSD. Thanks everyone for the support you have shown up til now and us at Darkness Within really do appreciate it. Thanks again.


Judi Giramonti…..Founder Darkness Within Paranormal and Host/Blog Writer

at Darkness Within Radio


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