Some People Just Keep Jumpin Into the Fire


Recently I took down my other blog site but you got it right folks I have not gone any where. A few months ago I wrote on a Paranormal Group out of New Mexico and their charges.  I would like to know  the reason  charge they the amount they charge. You see the founder of the group evidently feels it is ok to charge these outrageous amounts for what they do when others do it for free. I do have  a copy of what they charge for investigations.

Outlaw Life Paranormal Melissa Bryan

Outlaw Life Paranormal Melissa Bryan.Fees

Now as you can see for yourself this woman IS NOT trust worthy at all. She also has a bunch of articles on the Ripoff Report about her scamming. It was also bought to my attention that she is still doing this sort of thing. She also goes around scaring little children. Why in the world would anyone do a thing like that? Here is the link to that report and you can read it all for yourself. There is just too much to put it all up here one article at a time.

I know for myself I wouldn’t want this woman or any of her group coming into my house for an investigation . God only know what else she might take. Hell she might claim one of your expensive possessions is the problem and take it out of there. Nope not me I won’t even give her the right time of day let alone network a case out to her. She is damaged goods as far as I am concerned.

Yes folks the blog is back up and there will be articles up as I find them. I have been silent for way too long here and I will be speaking out about these people that rip others off.



Judi Giramonti……Writer for Darkness Within Site and Founder of said site.


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