Paranormal Unity….What Is That?

Paranormal Unity I here on a daily basis about Paranormal Unity. I ask this question……What is that? There has been no Unity in the Paranormal Field since Social Media came along. All you see is everyone at each other’s throats. You have people claiming to be experts, self taught demonologists, ministers where it only takes about 30 seconds to fill out a form and you are Certified, exorcists and demon doctors. What is this field coming to? Why are there so many fakes and frauds? Why are people in the field ripping people off? Well I guess your guess is as good as mine. This is all I have to say……

Can't We All Just Get Along

I really don’t see that happening but it would really be nice to see. Me myself I have no problem working with other groups at all. I have no problem in networking out and I do have people I can call in many states. I really enjoy working in the field but when it comes down to people stating I am better than you then it is very hard. NO ONE is better than anyone else in the field. We are all in it to help people (I hope). We all learn from each other on a daily basis and I feel is if we all knew all the answers then there would be no paranormal field at all.

I myself try to take new groups or new people in the field under my wing and help them to promote themselves. I have no problem doing that at all. I have seen others put down new people and that is just not right at all. This is what brings us into unity… helping others in the field to learn when taught right.

I do know also there are a lot of people that just want to go out there for the thrill. They think maybe something will happen. Just because you go out there one time doesn’t mean something will happen that instant. It ma take a few times and many hours. No folks the real field is not like the TV Paranormal shows you see. Those are just for entertainment.

I have been asked to promote groups and I have no problem with doing that as well. I will check the group out to see if they have any stains on them like I did in the previous article. There are people that talk crap about me and have never met me nor worked with me but that is ok. I don’t care because I know who I am and what I can do. I help others and that is all that counts.

I will not condone the use of Ouji boards in my group or do Seances because that can bring you a bunch of trouble for sure. I am a sensitive and an Empath and I use my abilities or gifts as some may call them to discern what may be lurking around. I do many outside investigations in cemeteries just because I like the outdoors. I will do investigations when called to do them within a building or residence.

So my friends I say to you STOP the bickering and let’s all do what it takes to get Paranormal Unity back like it once was. Stop all the scamming and stealing of people’s money. This is not right and only makes you look bad and makes it hard for the rest of us. All this crap needs to stop along with all the arguing or we will never have the unity we once had.

March 6th 2016 Darkness Within Site Disclaimer

Judi Giramonti



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