Let the Truth Be Told About the Pot Calling the Kettle Black


This is going to show you the truth about a woman who is off her rocker and what she had to say about not only myself but also what she had to say about Robert Michael Lengyel aka Shorty from Centraillia, Missouri. She is none other than Kara Pinkerton.

On the left you see Kara Pinkerton and on the right is none other than Robert Lengyel.

In a Private Message to me she stated some things about Robert Lengyel whom she was with for 8 years and helped him to get his daughter back……

…………He screwed her over to

………..He was too lazy to work(he worked when he was here but then lied as to why he got                fired).

………..She paid for the Jeep they have

………..The loan company is looking for the Jeep

…………Claims his daughter is Socially Autistic and Bi-Polar

…………He served her with a Restraining Order/Exporte Order because her and her                                  daughter beat him up.

………….She fell out of love with him years ago

……………His daughter is manipulative and is full of lies and deceit at a very young age.


……….She claims to have legal guardianship over his daughter when in fact we know that                  both parents of a child have to go to court for that. The little girl’s mother was                         never notified.


Now on my page on Facebook she made claims against me which are so far from the truth it isn’t funny. I will post the claims then I will post the facts of the truth.

……….Claims I am indigent…..fact I am on disability

……….Claims I called the police on Robert…..fact my landlord did because of a gun he had                   which NO ONE knew it was a pellet gun.

………..Claims Robert helped me get into my apartment…..fact I was already here when he                   got here. My check was short do to the fact they took a Medicare payment out of                     my check which they made the mistake on and later replaced it.

…………I gave the landlord 320 dollars which is all I had and he gave me 155 dollars to                            cover the rest. He also gave me 56 dollars for my electric and 50 dollars for                                additional water that would have been used.

…………Claims I am an OLD DRUNK…..fact is according to Robert she is a pill popper and                       sells her medication for money as he does the same thing and she has a very                             serious police record such as…..Enadngering the welfare of a minor in the 2nd                         degree, wrongful death and also they got arrested for squatting in someone’s                             house that had been abandoned which Robert told me this as well.

What I am wondering is who did she kill and why she is not locked up some where?Kara Arrest record.JPGKara Arrest record.2.JPGkara-arrest-record-3

I would think she really is calling the kettle black here folks. Robert claimed that he got evicted from his house and had nowhere to go and all that was her fault. Now he is back with her and is harassing me with emails but I refuse to answer them. I WILL NOT tolerate anyone talking trash about me when they CAN NOT back it up. I tell you what Robert Lengyel is worse than the other person I know that likes to talk crap about people or they are running a close race here.

My message to the both of them…..YES I drink beer…..IT’S LEGAL! You smoke weed and pop pills along with selling them which IS NOT LEGAL!!

I hope for that little girl’s sake she gets back with her REAL MOTHER who I can say I am very proud of for staying clean and working to get her life back together. That child needs a stable home instead of being dragged from state to state.

He will never be allowed back into my life ever again and he IS NOT welcome here per order of my landlords. NO ONE wants you here or even wants to hear from you.

Judi Giramonti

One Dumb Criminal

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Back in August of 1999 I had met a man by the name of Robert Michael Lengyel. We lived together for a bit til he got stupid and violated his parole and was extradited from Connecticut back to Missouri. He ended up going back to jail until March of 2004. At this time I had been sending him money for commissary so he could have things and also traveling to go visit him. I got to the point where I said enough was enough and just left him alone.

Well back in July of this year I felt a need to look him up and speak with him. He had told me that both him and his 10-year-old daughter were getting evicted from their home and had nowhere to go so I asked them to move in with me which they did. We were going to try to pick up where we left off but things got a bit out of hand. You see his daughter is very disrespectful towards adults and he allows this. She wanted to go back to Missouri where they have no where to live except in someone’s shed. The police were notified one night because we got into a big fight and he had a gun in the house. You see he is a felon and not suppose to even have a gun. They were made to leave for the night and came back the next day.

When I woke up Friday morning they had left with no word at all that this was going to happen. I also received a nasty message from him on Facebook stating that he planted something in my house and was going to call the police on me. Now how stupid can you be to do this?

Bobby This is Robert Michael LengyelBobby PM to meBobby PM to me.2

There you go folks you can see how stupid this really is. I have no clue what he was thinking but I am glad he will never contact me again. I assume that since they have no money and he just started working in Marquette at either Hardies or Red Lobster they are also living in the car. He has no drivers license do to the fact it has been suspended.

He also stated that he has not been arrested since 2004 when he got out of jail and when I looked it up he sure has and many times………

Bobby arrest RecordBobby arrest Record.2Bobby arrest Record.3Bobby arrest 2013Bobby arrest 2015Bobby Mugshot

There you have it folks arrest record and mug shot. One of his arrests had to do with my car that he totalled and he went to jail……

Bobby arrest for my car

I am so done with this person and his big-mouthed daughter whose mother is a Meth Head and this is why he has her. He is no better than his ex because he can’t do without smoking marijuana and this is why he got evil on me cause he couldn’t find any.

Ladies if you come across this Uncle Fester looking guy STAY AWAY cause he is bad news.

Judi Giramonti

The True Story of the “Exorcist”

exorcist1I just recently read an article on the supposed true story of the Exorcist which infuriated me to say the least. The person that wrote it claims it had to do with a woman in Iowa and that is the farthest thing from the truth. Read the article below for yourself which is misleading everyone and I believe that people need to get their facts straight before they attempt to write such crap.

This Terrifying Real Life Exorcism In Iowa Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Now as the true story goes it was in the 1940’s in the United States that a priest of the Roman Catholic Church performed numerous amount of exorcisms on a 13-year-old boy by the name of Robbie Mannheim aka Roland Doe.

Robbie Mannheim Robbie Mannheim was born in 1935 and a victim of demonic possession. All the events were recorded by attending priest Raymond Bishop. Robbie was born into a German Lutheran family and they lived in Cottage City, Maryland. He was an only child and his only playmate was his Aunt Harriet who was a Spiritualist. It was her that introduced him to the Ouija Board before she died.


The true story behind The Exorcist



Here you have it folks all the truth behind the Exorcism the inspire not only the book but also the movie The Exorcist. This was a true to life story and will always be remembered by those of us involved in the Paranormal Field. It hits those of us that have actually been involved in Exorcisms at one time or another. There are definite dangers to any type of investigating but doing an exorcism in the most dangerous.

A demon will attack you when you least expect it and I have seen this done to one of my team members. I was also attacked by being kicked at and they tried to bite me. For all those involved in such an ordeal I just want to say to please be careful and may God be by your side at all times.

Judi Giramonti

Darkness Within Radio Show and Paranormal Investigations

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Darkness Within Radio Show was founded in 2013 and the name was given to me by Darlene Watts who also does the art work for me. This show is a free show and I interview Authors, Paranormal Groups, Exorcists, People that speak with Serial Killers and so forth. I do a variety of shows. Once in a while I will throw an exposing show in there or even a comedy show. I do have a website which ties in my Paranormal Group along with my Radio Show.

I recently scheduled a show for August 18th and the guest took it upon themselves to take and make another event page and use my name on her event page along with stating there are tickets for sale on this show. When I saw that I immediately cancelled the show. I don’t take kindly to people using my show name and making it look as if I am now selling tickets to make money off my show. This really pissed me off to no end today and I have dealt with it accordingly.

Amaya Victoria Copyright Infringement

That is her event page and now I will give you the link to my event page which will show that the show has been cancelled…………


I believe this is totally wrong and never in the three years has anything like this ever happened to me before.

Please note folks I DO NOT charge to go to my show nor will I ever. Now if Evan Jensen had ever gotten a hold of this he would have a field day by saying I am scamming someone or I am a fraud or what have you. She basically threw me under the bus when she did this and I am PISSED in every way, shape and form of the word.


Well that is my rant for today folks and now I do have a show tonight where you can join us FREE OF CHARGE at………………


This show goes live at 7pm EST. to read more about it please go to……..


Thank You

Judi Giramonti Owner of Darkness Within Radio

My website is…………



So You Say You Want to Sue Somebody For Saying Things on Social Media?

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I am so disgusted on how people are saying that they want to sue someone over social media. Here are the facts about that……Social Media is covered by freedom of speech so unless you are someone in the Paranormal Field or any where for that matter think twice cause its just not going to happen.

Now if you are someone who is posting crap and then want to sue because people answered you forget that as well. There is NO LAWYER that will even touch the case. You can take it from me because I have contacted many myself.

The best thing to do is just leave people alone and they just might go away. Even though there are just some people who are just like a bad penny popping back up over and over again. They just will not stop and they fall under a totally different category all together.

These types of people like to talk out their ass and hurt others by spewing their lies about others. The more you tell them to go away and leave you alone it just doesn’t work. Seems like it even fuels them up more and gives them more energy. This is why I say just don’t react to these types of people.

So then you want to call the Police in that town or your town and make a complaint. These folks have better things to do than solve arguments between people on social media. They just DON’T CARE! They will tell you how ever that it is a Civil Matter but that doesn’t help because the courts don’t want to hear it.

The only time anything gets done is when there are threats of violence and only then will the authorities listen to you. There are certain people out there that will threaten you and say they will come to your house and beat you down in front of your kids while eating an ice cream cone…..lol. Then the same people/person will threaten and say they will come to your front door and shoot you on the spot. If that doesn’t work they proceed to go after your children by sending them porn in an email or on Facebook or sending them sex toys in the mail. You see this person isn’t too smart because they left a return address name and all on the box. How dumb can you be? Why not just go to the police and turn yourself in for being the World’s Dumbest Criminal? I am not mentioning any names here but you all know who I am speaking of. Yes folks he is dumber than a box of rocks for sure. He even threatened his own police department.

This may be the last I write on him which as a matter of fact I had no intentions of doing it today either but it just happened when giving examples of how some people can be. Please before you say you want to sue someone look into how Social Media is indeed protected by the First Amendment. It is no longer protected how ever when violence gets involved.

Once again thank you for your support and I wish you all a great day and a great weekend. Until next time have fun.

Judi Giramonti…..Darkness Within Admin

Someone Has the Poor Me Blues

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In past blogs I have written about a couple of people by the name of Evan Jensen and Kelly Griffin of the Paranormal Herald. Well folks today as I opened my email there was yet another article put up about Bullying and how it needs to stop here and now. I found this rather funny because the person doing the bullying, harassing, name calling and so forth is no one other than Evan Lee Jensen from Oregon himself. He has the Poor Me Blues and wants everyone to stop picking on him. Now this is funny cause NO ONE is even bothering with his stupid ass for sure.

Evan Switzerland You see he says the Bullying stops here and now. He claims he has not even gotten one traffic ticket and has been crime free……lol. He is thee one who not too long ago admitted to getting a ticket while driving. Now ask yourself what in the hell is a man doing driving when he claims to be 89% blind? He is a joke for sure. As you can see below everything he admits to from guns to gambling. How can you trust someone like this?

As you can also see he claims to be something he is not and he has threatened people with guns. Really I would like to know how he is being bullied by anyone when in fact he is the one that is doing it.

I do believe he is one of the worst Psychopathic Narcissists around. He is the one who causes crap and then cries that everyone is picking on him. He is nothing but a big baby and really needs to stop his crying when people like myself and others answer him back just to defend ourselves. He is also they type that goes after the disabled and ill people. He also attacks children and deceased relatives of people. Who in the hell does that? Below see his latest article that he has written about his crying the poor me blues.Paranormal Herald August 1st 2016Paranormal Herald August 1st 2016.2Paranormal Herald August 1st 2016.3Narcissist or Psychopath

Narcissist or Psychopath? What You Need To Know

You can read the article I found on this type of person and you will see it fits him quite well.

Judi Giramonti

Haunting of Lafayette Cemetery Lafayette Oregon

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I saw an article on someone else’s blog today about this subject but the person failed to do any research on the blog They just copied and pasted everything and the article was very short to say the least. Now before I go into the haunting I would like to give you some history of the town of Lafayette first.

History of Lafayette Oregon

The town of Lafayette was founded by the pioneer/entrepreneur Joel Perkins in the year 1846. The town was incorporated in 1878 and is located in Yamhill County Oregon. This location is on the Yamhill River and Oregon Route 99w.

Notable People in Lafayette Oregon…….

Pauline Alderman……….Musicologist and Composer

Bert E Haney…..Judge on the U.S Court of Appeals For the 9th Circuit

Anson G Henry…Physician for the town of Lafayette

George W McBride…….Member of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, Speaker of the House,  Secretary of State and a U.S Senator.


The Haunting of Lafayette Cemetery aka Masonic Cemetery…..

In the late 1800’s many women lost their lives because of being accused of being a witch. They used methods of Interrogation which includes flogging, hanging, branding. and dunking. There are remains of a woman who has never been identified that lived in the town and she was put to death by hanging. This woman still holds a grudge and she lets people know it.

In the cemetery there are many angry souls but the one to look out for is her. Many have claimed to see her(the witches) apparition within the cemetery. Many are scared to even go into the cemetery.


The Witches Curse……….

Now before this woman died she put a curse on the town of Lafayette and stated it would burn 3 times. So far it has burned completely twice.

Within the cemetery many people have been chased and some even have scar til this day from being scratched.


Lafayette Cemetery…………..

This cemetery is also known as the Masonic Cemetery. The woman haunts not only where she was buried  but also where she was hanged. She walks around in the shadows and screams at visitors. She runs after them and she has also been known to physically attack them and leaving razor like scratch marks on them across their backs.

Today there are NO TRESPASSING signs for the cemetery so if you decide to visit there please get permission from the proper authorities or you just might find yourself ending up in jail.

If you decide to visit there please have fun but stay safe cause you may just end up with a visit from the witch.

Judi Giramonti